The Man behind the Mask

The Man behind the Mask
However, - As Alice will tell you - What you see is not necessarily - What you get !

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I think of myself as a Hippie, your opinion is noted for sure. I’m not lazy or dirty or weird, + I know not if there is a cure. I live my life as I do wish to, you may not be my number 1 fan. But I have my beliefs and my feelings, allow me them if you so can. Peace Justice + freedom are uppermost, in the mental list I have in my head.I am not for oppression + violence, my opinion, I feel, must be said. Don’t mock as I sit with my flowers, cut out all those jibes at my dress. Don’t treat me with contempt + with fury, it’s the World that is sat in a mess. I know I annoy you with questions, I know that you wish me away. But I’m here to stay + I promise, if you listen then you’ll realise one day. I am not full of hot air + rubbish, there are remedies that can be found. But we must work together, as comrades + work out the ideas that are sound. If you don’t + you shun me forever, don’t take in the things that I say. I’ll sympathise + continue to irritate, + always I'll remain so this way.

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Monday, 28 March 2011

Birthday thoughts:

Yesterday it was my birthday: As I enter the next age of life’s journey, another opportunity to pause and reflect। Following a period that has seen personal disappointment, along with negative progress and process within my workplace. I feel a fresh impetus is upon me. Time; some may say belatedly, to cast off the cloak of defensive protection and replace it with a Spartan shield of resolution.
A more focused intent on future days may seem to be somewhat selfish, though one does themselves justice if they are not true to their credo.
Detachment of emotional need may hurt the heart, though who knows what can be gained when striving with conviction of character to reach the goals of one’s principles. After this weekend’s trip to the nation’s capital; where I marched with conviction with others of similar mindset, in a walk of civil disobedience. There was a sense of minor awe and excitement seeing what lots of individuals could accomplish together and for the achievement of a goal. If not the smell, then certainly there was an odour of rebellion in the air – a sense of feeling that intoxicated, it felt good.
The projection of one’s true persona of should be there for others to view and not necessarily Judge It is a trait I feel to be essential in the character of a person. Though it may well be flawed, who can justifiably say that honesty is to be criticised.
Another facet of reflection is that one considers what has been, that although time moves on, the hopes and aspiration of youth is replaced with experience and determination.
For the reality of true Hippies is that that though they may fade away, their influence in shadow will endure, ever present and to return to remind whenever there is a need.
I feel, more of an effort needed by us all to contribute to, and for a better future. I know that having one’s principles can often lead to a decrease in the number of ‘friends’ thereabouts. Still, the road to enlightenment is often a solitary one.
To hold to ones tenet becomes more important as one gets older – and “to thine self be true” a more poignant matter of consideration, and after all looking into the mirrors image should show an image of pride and not shame.
The pace of speed may change, but the wheel will always turn – "onward ever onward"

Sunday, 20 March 2011

A time of Spring Equinox:

Last night whilst walking home from my local shops, I looked to the sky, my attention drawn to the size, tone of colour and enticement of our protective satellite.
Looming large and low on the horizon, the light mustard and White colour of the vision cradled by greyish cloud was a sight to behold, holding an aura of mystique that always has a particular significance for me, especially at this time of year.
Here is a time when I take leave of absence for the end and beginning of the year, to reflect upon the past period, and to consider what the future may hold.
The previous cycle; and one that has seen the end of my first age, has seen me deal with a number of issues that have tested my patience, restraint and emotional resolve.
In the past, it has been that I slipped into bouts of depressive mood and suffered under the influence of negative factors, although this time – not.
Consideration as one gets older, is that less of a fury, and more of an acceptance of those betrayers of trust of whose heart one had laid their trust and security was thought to be safe in.
They are charlatans of love, overseers that dispassionately dispose of loyalty, and those who wallow in the falsehood of friendship. They cannot help their persona however, and it is they who will have to answer in, and at their end, it is moreover a realisation of the failings and indeed misfortune of these others.
It is not to say that such acceptance is one that is done with resignation - it is alternatively an observation that requires more of awareness than concern – for the world is cosmopolitan in its make-up.
The year was not a total loss of confidence, in the belief and indeed, in the character of my fellow man. There were times of note. and those that with slight of word and generous nature who inspired with complement and encouragement. Not so strange perhaps is that in, and at times of adversity, there is a light that will always endure at these times.
From a personal viewpoint, by way of support and reliability, and in the greater sense of a universal comprehension of meaning that we all at some time seek
Added to this, is the fortitude of my ego, and a freshness of focus to overcome adversity, giving peace of mind and a calmness of contentment, this enablement will allow an improvement in mind, body and soul.
Back to the roots has always been within me, as it is within us all, and the success of the future has always relied upon the truth of the past.
Despite the lack of feminine Terra, this Green Man will tomorrow be completing the ritual of planting and trust in that from this seed, a greater future of innovation, developmental advancement and adventurous freedom will bloom from it.
For a better tomorrow, one must always be optimistic and have faith
Peace + LoveProtest + ProtectSave the Planet