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The Man behind the Mask
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Monday, 16 March 2009

Blog Inspiration

If recent events have taught me anything, it is never to underestimate the seldom used spiritual sense of enlightenment। Though it is a sense of nature given, all of us have the ability if not the capability to utilise it to gain a greater understanding of the World within and without everyday life. When the spark of inspiration ignites, it can do so within a moments turn. The stimulation into action of the dormant feelings that are within us all, the ideas, philosophies and visions which lie out of synch with that of the normality of convention – such are the greatest of discoveries.
Activation of such can come in the form of creative expression and/or in the case of the heart, give clarity of direction।
For me, two events of difference seem to be a catalyst of the actions that I will take on the road to fate, through Karma
Once upon a long ago, when the harsh Black and White World of the 60s exploded into a spectrum illusion, the opportunities to expand the mind in a creative and positive manner seemed open to both myself and peers of the day।
In the interim period my life has seen opposition, ridicule and betrayal। With responsibilities comes commitment, compromise and leads to compliance to convention, though for me at a cost
I now feel that the wind of change may well have finally arrived and the beacon ahead glimmers with a degree more brightness. Satisfaction may not be the word, though there is some degree of pleasure that the prophecy received at Glastonbury has the truth of substance that I had hoped for.
The first sign of variation was in reading expressive text of youthful exuberance। My faith restored by a simple posting, reminding me that the expectation of youth is full of joy and optimism.
The second was a deed of action unspoken. An act of deceitfulness seen behind the eyes that tried to hide the thoughts of a deceiver. The realisation of such can give an unexpected sensation. The scars that once would have remained with me became sadness for the owner and their eternal and seemingly fruitless endeavour to find what they’d be looking for. Such confidence in disappointment seems rather a contradiction; I found it to be an epiphany.
I feel, with freedom of expression a need to write what I feel with in my heart and indeed soul, with respect for the principles and conviction of conscience that I had thought lost
How gratifying it was that I saw it again within the writings of someone who I only knew by name - the flight of the Raven never flowed with such grace and purpose। For it gave me an inner motivation and indeed the confidence to write record and share past, present and future memory foresight
Whether this initiation of enlightenment to my inner soul can spark inspiration for others, in agreement or a difference of opinion I know not। – Only that some, is always better than no, action.

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  1. very nice Billy... ;-)
    A big thank you & may-be a in store. I'm going to see about enrolling in a creative writing class at the college on Tuesday....who knew....I'm so glad that the butterfly has flown from her cocoon....may-be I'll dedicate my first book to you.....take care....nice posting time... ;-)