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The Man behind the Mask
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My Girls
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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Elvis visits the building

Party time this week past, saw the re-appearance of Elvis in female form, as my daughter made the effort to transform herself into ‘the king’ (she was ‘thanked very much ‘on more than one occasion).
As for me, I went for the punk look of my youth. Reflecting on such, I mused upon how commercialisation had taken its toll, and saw Punk become ‘Alternative’ in order to meet the marketing requirement of the day. Musicians over-rode the raw harshness of originality, though I miss the early days, the musical finesse ensures those recordings remain in latter days.
Although it can be a bit of a bind in preparation and tidy up a bit of a chore, the (beer) bong along with the, ‘yard of ale’ or whatever was put in it, along with other items of alcohol was liberally consumed however, ‘back in my day’ there was never that much wastage – these kids today ha. The condoms brought for party entertainment were put to good use –which was nice, most beer and some food; somewhat hastily prepared had been digested. Having the company of youth is always a pleasure, whichever country they hail from, even Liverpool!
Whilst it was good to see the kids making an effort, Adam Ant, Kurt Cobain, Donovan and an array of male and female figurines that typified the theme of Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll, I did feel a bit out of place.
Having made the effort (though I do like dressing up) I integrated with the young group of those aged (the eldest) of 20 years difference, and was reasonably sociable, before taking my leave, allowing them the freedom of expression – better to fade out and into the shadows than be the Dad that stands in way of exuberance methinks. Having said that, I can’t be that bad, encouraged to re-join the group, and to participate in the party games of beer bong and beer tennis; and we won’t even go into the card games (I smile) – Good times
I retired to the lounge where I was joined in conversation with one of my female guests for part of the evening; excited for our early morning rendezvous of sporting action. We talked for a short while before I decided it was time for bed, and so to do so.
Along with my two female guests there were in total a further ten persons crashing out at my abode. The Germanic girl had a lie in, whilst Mc Kiwi was up early, a bona fide guide to the ‘Hakka’ was an experience itself! Anywho, a nervy but nevertheless enjoyable victory over the French made us both happy.
Looking ahead, it’s not long until the celebration of night of Souls festival. Tomorrow is the Sabbath of Samhain and I will see it due reverence. It would be nice to share with others the celebration, though is more likely another night of singular experience, - ah well at least there will be friends within shadows, lol.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Death of a Roundabout

As I look out from my living room window, past the gardens edge, across the green space of free space, the view is of a main road, with the traffic controlled by a roundabout of approximately 70 feet (20 metres) diameter that had stood full of greenery. A barrier of trees formed a protection, standing over bush, grass and flower that gave refuge (be it to of minor respite) for a family of Fox; seen in and about during the twilight hours, on occasion rabbits (though, as indicated, not for long!) and activity therein of squirrel and birds.
It was a site that had stood for many of years in a point of olde past, when tracks preceded the building of roads. Despite the busy activity of traffic; en route to the Airport, the Civic centre and a route where three towns of Manchester, Stockport and Altrincham could be accessed, did its job of slowing the volume and speed of transport at its junction, whilst still affording the facility of access to relevant direction. A guardian of silent and geographical advisory assistance that has seen lots, and folk would agree far better days.
Time however has caught up with this monument, and the modern requirement for speedy and accessible public transport has seen the initiative of a tram system being introduced, sadly, on a route that sees the obliteration of the site.
The chopping down of trees, uprooting of bushes and removal of habitat is something that is heartfelt to this observer, for this is more than a case of progress; even though it is promoted as such.
Despite the perception that I am somewhat of a Luddite, or ‘saboteur – I’m not, I just wonder if there is really a case for a sustainable case for the tearing down of this site. At the “consultation” (yeah right- like they were gonna stop it!) meeting; that was sadly under represented, I was assured that the fares would be reasonably competitive, the noise and disruption would be kept to a minimum and the replacement of nature’s beauty would be forthcoming (re-plating of greenery) – along with the repatriation of animal habitat having been done in a caring and respectful manner.
To me; though that was a factor, it was not the issue. Too easily it seems, we cast aside of heritage, and though not somewhere steeped in a historical grandeur, it still held historical significance.
I await the reintroduction of greenery with a degree of patience, though such realisation of promise with scepticism and that the woodland critters would be able to settle into another habitat with hope. Still even if all is achieved, it is still indeed of a heartache to see, the death of a roundabout.

On the brighter side this weekend sees the home host to a party of youthful exuberance, for another one of my younger daughter’s celebrations; something about her birthday. As usual the normal rules apply, tidy before, Fancy dress, tidy afterwards – more next week.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Linda has the Lynx effect

This week saw a reasonable time in work. There was a bit of an issue what looked to be an error of managerial directive, though when it was established; after a bit of “Billy investigates” and a short meeting to clarify matters, all was cleared up – with further meetings set up in order to avoid any confusion in the future. Not so much a victory, more of an understanding.
Back at home, after settling in for comfort and ease, an evening’s phone call advised me of an impending visitation of one daughter and two friends who would be availing themselves of a chill out zone; or otherwise known as my parlour. An eta was given of 01:15, hmm, yes I’m sure.
As I was a sleeping I was awoken by the slamming of the door (03:35 yep, more like it) Bless them for trying to keep quiet, but once stirred, one becomes aware – especially as the toilet is opposite my bedroom. After a brief rest, about Ninety minutes later, it was time to get off to work, after a shower, shave and dressing, I poked my head around the door to ask where my cuppa tea was (I had ordered such upon the phone notification) and sadly there was none; although there was an additional guest.
Time for payback methinks, for kids however old, are nevertheless still kids. There was still enough time for me to make a humorous observation; or is that moan of? And so I related to the group “Dad thinks”. The topic I chose today being the bemoaning of passing years.
I spoke of the TV advertisement that featured the sound of Stone Poneys Linda Ronstadt “travelling to the beat of a different drum” I pointed out to them how I recalled her at 21 years, slim, sweet sounding and of alluring attraction and a young boy’s desire.
I told them; just as a matter of interest, I looked her up on the Wiki site, and saw that she is now of pensionable age. Whilst it certainly no reflection on the lady; still fresh faced and melodic – it was a sobering and a bit of a depressing thought, that whilst one still feels young at and in heart, that the years passing so quickly and teen years will not come back. There is nothing like a reality check to put one in their place, and the mirror I have is not a pretty picture – I bade farewell confident in the knowledge that they were enthralled, either that or maybe I will get breakfast next time – lol
There’s nothing much more to report back on, except the contact made with interested parties in respect of my poetic and reflective writings of text and verse – which was encouraging and stimulating, an action for me to pursue for sure.
The end of this week was tinged with sadness, of a death in the vicinity. Maybe it’s me, but the demise of such touched me – more about that next week

Sunday, 9 October 2011

A Better Week

Overall, it was a good week. Having taken on board my suggestion of change within the workplace; by a management of somewhat curious strategy, I feel a good deal of creativity has been allowed to flow within me and a sense of satisfaction achieved. A lot has been achieved by enabling ownership of problems, concerns, anomalies and inconsistencies to be resolved by research / integration of IT and administrative systems by a most capable fellow (though to paraphrase Mandy Rice-Davies “I would say that though, wouldn’t I?).
It was going so well too. It looked like they had conceded to the fact that I might actually be correct with my analysis of service provision coupled with utilisation of people skills and indeed morale, however, the process seems to be have ‘loaded’, in that certain personnel were put in positional roles that did not suit their preference and not mine. I mean, if they were going to openly acknowledge and not ‘slip the rumour’ that the idea came from me, then I could have organised it in a more structured manner. Now, after only 5 days; of what I calculated to be a 6 week period of operation, the workforce has been asked for feedback on the process, typical! Now they have the opportunity to say we gave it a go and, people didn’t like it, so we won’t do it.
It does; I suppose, set a precedent. If new practices ‘introduced by management’ are not favoured by the staff, then it follows that reversal of such can also be auctioned, if not, then that makes it contradictory; unless of course the ‘Animal farm’ scenario is imposed (equal opportunities indeed!) Once again I feel the sword within my hand and will continue to argue my points, carrying on regardless – such is ‘the nature of the best’ (I think that’s the phrase).
On the brighter side, I had the pleasurable company of my youngest daughter for three days. On hand to make sure that I ate properly, paid heed to the housework and check that the washing machine was in good order! It’s always nice to have one’s children around (be even nicer if I could find the female soul-mate for more intimate liaison – ah well)
Solace is okay for the deliberation, refection and general thought process, but a loner alone can see one fall into a lifestyle of apathy.
I also spent time with my older daughter; who works far too hard for my liking - still, I can’t knock her conscientiousness. This was coupled with visits to my Granddaughter that brightened the days. Though recently unwell; a virus contracted as children do, even the ills were unable to dampen her enthusiasm – “happy is the sunshine that breaks through the gloom of a cloudy day”Be it children or Grand children, as ones sees them grow in age and mature into characters of their own individual definition, their sparkle can inspire, and indeed perpetuate one’s youth – well that is the plan.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

October – here already

With my snippets of (US) Blog “a week of” completed, I return to what I hope will be a weekly review. The past seven days have seen another period of more work and less play until Friday’s arrival. With each weekend, I find there is so, a temptation to sit in front of the TV, PC or stay in bed for a longer lie in than is necessary.
Having to work is a chore of necessity sure, though I do wish that it could give greater fulfilment than the dissatisfaction that is seems to do these days. Due to the current national financial climate, we are all experiencing cost cutting and that infamous but consequential word ‘streamlining’ with too much emphasis set on achieving targets, meaning quantity over quality bound to be affected – ah well, moan over (for now)!
My previous weeks shift times saw not much time other than work, sleep and a cramming in of everything else one, wonders if the dreaded age is a catching up on me? Happy is the shift change!
This week however, the weather brightened, and the long awaited summers warmth with record temperatures - for August! The garden got a degree of attention; with trimming, mowing and the clearing of autumnal leaves – along with the obligatory wind-swept rubbish from a near and far to deal with
Whilst nice, it is however a degree sad, in so much that the global climate is so effected by seasonal anomalies that the birds, bees, flowers and trees are somewhat at a loss as to what they are supposed to be doing – and what’s next? Maybe those sci-fi films aren’t too far off target with the Earth shifting axis, solar increase and Natures payback?
The more I reflect and muse; I find such deliberation seeing more regret than optimism. Is it all Black, dark and a winding down? Is there a coming back from the position we as the planets custodians have placed upon our race? Yes I have seen “2012”, and found it horrible in a number of ways: - Nothing can stop Nature, Money talks and how unlikely is it that the meek will inherit the Earth. (Rebellion only worked for those who were in some way ‘in the know’ and nobody made room for Green Environmentalists on those arks) – yes it was only a film, but some of the issues are not that far off the mark – I know, it’s another conspiracy theory – gets worse with years
However, after I get all down on things I look not only to my daughters, but my granddaughter too, and there I see a hope in and for the future. They say children keep one young, well I can dig that philosophy and so indulge with a return to the innocence of youth, be it placard in hand or finger on the keyboard to champion change; although not for changes sake! Continue to write, dream and work for better days ahead – as Scarlett O’Hara said “Tomorrow, is another day”.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

(US) BLOG (7 of 7)

SAT: 24 / 09 / 11: Week ending:
It’s not to say that last night/this morning festivities were an exhausting testing of mental and physical exercise however, suffice to say that a continuation of relaxed mode was required - the replenishment of exerted energy is always a good thing.
Reflection and participation of one’s required contribution make the mental mindful and physical somewhat tiring in one’s conclusion of that witch was.
A sobering acceptance this morning, that as seasonal dates pass with increasing regularity the days of Spring have well and truly gone, Summer I fear is a passing and Autumnal years are almost upon me.
I remember back in the day of earlier in the years of my youth to my first crush, a youthful Michelle Phillips; long hair, petite figure and sweet voice, now of pensionable age, my ‘fab’ group, The BeaTles, split over forty years ago - with Paul well past his 64 years, along with others of similar milestone leaving this plain to heavens above (or in some cases otherwise destination) – they, we and I were so young, the world was exploding from Black and White to spectrum colour and the hope for better days was ‘just around the corner’.
Time is not generous; and in some cases can be unforgiving and it would be easy to dwell on what if? Still, one only has to look to those who have refused to let this barrier be any kind of constraint to take heart, for there is always hope.
All walls of restriction have doorways to move through and progress. Maybe it’s how we overcome such obstacles them that defines us. I look at the power actor Christopher Lee can still command, the influence that Mandela has with words and the walking testament to good living Mr Keith Richards. Seems that this is just another rest stop along our way, and there is still some travelling to make before alighting to the next sphere of experience.
Whilst there are certainly peoples who recognise the value and worth of the elders, far too many are quick to judge on their capabilities and disregard the quality of experience despite their (so called) philosophy of diversity.
Maybe my observation is clouded by the workplace practices of my employment; whose reliance upon the wonderful world of IT and inevitably younger staff members that is too close to home? It is not that however which bothers me it is moreover the discarding of the steady foundational basis and methodical routine for a quicker, short cutting of practices that sees quality wane.
The thought process of deliberation enables creativity, a reluctance to look beyond the blinkers and outside the box – with consideration is I feel a flawed strategy. There comes a time of Spartan decision, move forward raising the shield of armour and stand for one’s cause of conviction or relent to the foe by dropping it, to succumb and capitulate to a doctrine that is unwise, to a degree unjust and bound to fail – no one ever said life was easy.