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The Man behind the Mask
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I think of myself as a Hippie, your opinion is noted for sure. I’m not lazy or dirty or weird, + I know not if there is a cure. I live my life as I do wish to, you may not be my number 1 fan. But I have my beliefs and my feelings, allow me them if you so can. Peace Justice + freedom are uppermost, in the mental list I have in my head.I am not for oppression + violence, my opinion, I feel, must be said. Don’t mock as I sit with my flowers, cut out all those jibes at my dress. Don’t treat me with contempt + with fury, it’s the World that is sat in a mess. I know I annoy you with questions, I know that you wish me away. But I’m here to stay + I promise, if you listen then you’ll realise one day. I am not full of hot air + rubbish, there are remedies that can be found. But we must work together, as comrades + work out the ideas that are sound. If you don’t + you shun me forever, don’t take in the things that I say. I’ll sympathise + continue to irritate, + always I'll remain so this way.

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My Girls
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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Friends and more? - Well, we shall see.

The start of the week sees a positive communication with an arrangement for a Friday date to catch up on what has been an eventful period for her. Despite an open invitation to drop in, and promises to come around, I decide to move the mountain to Mohammed and invite myself to hers - for which she agrees - result? - well, we shall see.
A visit to the bank to arrange/sort finances always seems to leave one leave with less than more, ah well - it's only money!After preparing for my midweek Union meeting on auto-pilot, the next day's sessions sees a degree of minor dis-agreement with the officers - as always it seems Rebel, though with a cause. With the prospect of a position becoming available, I muse upon the development of myself - fighting for fairness has/is/will ever be my goal - so I think upon; even though my silent instinct tingles for the shadows behind the scenes - I thought we are friends in Unison, not subject to Orwell's Animal Farm viewpoint - well, we shall see.
I pop to see daughter and Grand daughter for an update on their being - though not 100% the little one still has the arty bug in her and I am adorned with stickers aplenty upon my shirt - fashion tips from an eighteen month angel - well, one has to get on and get down 'with the kids' - well, we shall see
And so Friday arrives and with thirty minutes to go; whilst doing a quick FB check - I receive a chat from my 'friend'. I send "I hope you have something nice for my tea" that met with the reply "Oh didn't you get my text? - I have to cancel"! A reason was given and a story told though as I have learnt to expect "Such reliability in her unreliability" - or as I put it "In the words of the BeaTles - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah"! - we did see
In the early hours of Saturday sees visions of serene delight, of mermaids with Golden hair and alluring atraction, brightening my expectation of the near and far future, for there is always hope = One of my better dreams.
Later on in the day, I rendezvous with another friend, she of sweet nature and sensitive need. We enjoy a meal of Inn fayre, a chat of many facets and then a wandering around a local maket of countrylife goods and produce. With a choice of cake, meat, fish, cheese,fruit and vegalong with trinkets and clothes all of reasonable price - oh, and then there was the Owl of regal plumage. This time we spent was most enjoyable and rounded off the week on a high. With more liaison planned, maybe this beginnings has more tales for (well maybe not) to tell, well, we shall indeed see

Friday, 24 February 2012

DEATH – is only the beginning: - REVIEW:

D can be a pleasant Death.
Despite the general perception of finality that the subject has, the positivity in witch the Pagan view death has a much better feel about it.
As far back as I can remember I have held the opinion that reincarnation has merit, the sense of shadow followers, the aspect of déjà vu and instinctive knowledge of things; particularly at a young age, of a curious and sometimes eerie experiences that I could not comprehend led me to believe that there was so much more to and outside of life. The cycle of life, death, and rebirth is I feel eternal - though maybe "not as we know it"
The body wastes in time and even when in the best of health we have to accept its loss. And so we may take respite in Summerland, before the aura and soul moves on, for it has too high a quality to disappear into obscurity
Death is a gateway through which we must all pass. Without it there could be no process of change; no death, no birth, and rebirth. Though the term ‘ghosts’, has an imagery of ‘spookiness’, the presence of spirits however, is much more different and; I feel has an alternative explanation.
Passing on, may be to a timescale particular to the individual which is why the respite and travel between plans vary, though ultimately we all move on.
Evolution comes from experience change and development. Our instinctive reasoning and has to come from somewhere and spirituality is as good an explanation as any.
For those who embrace the reality of 'shadow followers' there is the comfort of knowing one is never truly alone - though I guess some might call that schizophrenia(?)
The departure of loved ones is an obvious sad time. Their physical presence is missed, though Samhain gives the opportunity for us to remember those who have pass over and into that witch is beyond our comprehension and can help in and with the grieving process.
The remembrance of those dear their influence, assistance and even inspiration is a reverence I feel worthy, and gives the opportunity to recognise what we should have said and done – “too late the cry” when the ceremony of reverence is completed, the acknowledgement shows that they are not forgotten, and the process allows the parting of the waves with an ebb of serenity, methinks.
The Death card in Tarot; so often misrepresented as doom and destruction, gives an example of how the ending of one thing affords the opening of another. The discarding of that which weighs us down to give a refreshment of rejuvenation, and though it points to a lifestyle change I see how one can equate this with the transformation of the spirit, and the way it provides solace. For me, Death is not to feared, not a dread or a full stop, it is a comma (and I might say inconvenience) however, I have faith in the future that whatever that may be, it will be something.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Val's week

Following Sunday's day of Mystical experience in the company of another of somewhat similar mind set, I feel refreshed and to some degree reinvigorated as to the value of my own worth.
Far too quickly, Monday, Monday comes all too soon - gosh the danger of wishing ones days away is all too evident.
Once more I muse, embrace and absorb the moments for time slips by so quickly - that is, if we let it. Meeting up with a fellow footballer of my youth, soon to celebrate his half century of passing, such reminders are stark - living for the day so prominent.
With the passing of Tuesday, and its hearts and flowers, romantic liaison and passionate emotion, for those left without a gift of message or meaningful present, it can seem a sad and lonely time. I feel however, that disappointment only comes with over expectancy. Commercialism not seems but really has taken over what was a simple acknowledgement of care and love. One day; that is already pre-noted, comes with a degree of acceptance and I feel defeats the object of heart warming surprise. Although it may be nice to acknowledge the day with token appreciation, it is moreover better to provide loving gift of personal choice, out of the blue, for no other reason than to show one cares - meThinks.
They say a soul mate can be hard to find, and the passing of time makes it harder, there is always hope with faith and time to embrace; though sometimes fleeting is something to grab onto. For even a brief liaison can touch the clouds of euphoria with lasting memory, and one should never be frightened to Love. Sometimes that witch we hope to find is only a day's realisation away.
The day was also one of particular note for me, as the engagement of my daughter and boyfriend is announced - 18 month of notification, ah the joy of parenthood.
Later in the week I drop off my vehicle for its' annual MOT and service check up. On the day I again meet up with my friend of feminine charm and disposition. We enjoy a day of nourishment of body; and hopefully heart and soul as the hours pass quite quickly, though quality, I like to think is equally as important as quantity (in this case - time).We stroll to a cafe' and partake of a nice brekkie, before visiting to a venue of my previous enjoyment. Imbolc eve had seen me take an opportunity; chance if you like, on a whim and have cheery reward proving the point it is better to try, for you never can tell. The ambiance is relaxing and the company cosmopolitan, I am at ease, hopefully the experience was shared, further dates of appointment are noted when the pleasure will again be enjoyed.
Other news is of, Arrival! - After a wait of weeks, I collect my Wicca and Witchcraft book from the library. Whist informative in content can only be a point of reference. Creativity comes from inspiration, and one gets such from the conviction and beliefs of others, for we are all students who can learn and in time pass on lessons learnt to and for others - such is the circle eternal.

Friday, 17 February 2012


D is my Dreamcatcher.
Though I have wind chimes that add a simple symphony of melody to my empty home, pride of place goes to my Dreamcatcher of original Native American design and origin.As the musical chimes deflect and ward off negative energy, my Dreamcatcher, holds the imaginative creativity of my spiritual subconscious; which I embrace with grateful indulgence, whilst preventing the dark nightmares to slip through. Receivers of sacred spiritual messages, I have seen them in bright colours and intricate design, though mine is simple, delicate and inspires me.
One legend states the good dreams slide through the feather to those in slumber, providing peace and comfort, whilst those bad are trapped in the web perishing in the light of dawn.
Originating from the Lakota / Sioux tribe, there is record of relics going back over 1500 years. The traditions of Sioux construction sees the tying of sinew strands in a web around a small round or tear-shaped frame of willow, with the addition of feather, bead and items of particular memento, an Owl feather for wisdom, an Eagle feather for courage and gems; like crystals of special properties being of special significance.
Although there is a slightly alternate view: -
When the world was young, an old Lakota spiritual leader had a vision. Iktomi, the great trickster and teacher of wisdom, appeared in the form of a spider. Speaking in a sacred language only known to the spiritual leaders of Lakota, he took the elder's willow hoop of feathers, horse hair, beads and offerings began to spin a web. He spoke of the cycle of life, how we begin as infants, move from childhood to adulthood, and finally to old age where we must be taken care of as infants, thus completing the cycle. He continued "in each time of life there are many forces, some good and some bad.
Listening to the good will steer you wisely, and be warned, the bad will hurt and damage you"
"There are many forces and different directions that help or interfere with the harmony of nature"The spider wove from the outside and worked towards the centre. He gave the Lakota elder the web saying "the web is a perfect circle but there is a hole in the centre of the circle." "Use it to help yourself and your people to reach your goals, make good use of your people's ideas, dreams and visions. If you believe in the Great Spirit, the web will catch your good ideas and the bad ones will go through the hole."

The Lakota elder passed on his vision to the Sioux, who use the dream catcher as the web of life to sift their dreams and visions.
The belief that the dream catcher holds the destiny of their future continues.I particularly like tale of how stories of life and legend are passed on through the generations; from parent to child, grandparent to grandchild – and that practice is certainly on the agenda for me
(Legend/tale = Courtesy of

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Cold Start - Mystical end

Days of winter weather, cold snaps and slow starts; though I suppose it gets the heart moving when one runs around like a lunatic, in an effort to keep warm, February is still brisk and bracing, so I guess we’ll all have to bear with it.
This week saw the departure of a colleague of sparky personality, and popularity, a beano of departing farewell was being arranged, although invitation to specific attendance was lacking – I get the hint. I was however grateful to the genuine enquiry and concern of her friend, she of more acquired though worthwhile investment. Though it would have been nice to feel included in the group, I wouldn’t have been able to attend, but as the saying goes “it’s the thought that counts” I guess it balances itself out = waves that is.
Saturday sees a trip to Crewe and a sorting out of items to keep, sling and give away. It is far harder when the material required for release is that not of one’s own, and with ‘a lifetime collection’ to sort out nostalgia so personal to her makes it a sensitive matter, that really only she can deal with; indeed it would be heartless to be clinical. Nevertheless, with my sister to assist, we make good progress and downsize to a certain level – even though there is much a fair bit to go (there goes another of my sighs - bless)
Although the forthcoming Tuesday, will no doubt see plenty of hearts and flowers making their annual appearance, the lack of a partner of emotionally physical connection sees a degree of sighing and disappointment - still, such unity does not rely on the time of the year and who is to say that witch lies around the corner. I have at least got a trip to the Mind, Body and Spirit festival in the near locale that will allow me to embrace the aura of mystical and magical ambience – and therein lies hope.
Sunday arrives and I make the trip in the company of a lady recently re-united in familiarity and we embrace the event will openness and receptiveness. Regression, tools for life, Meeting Spirit guides, How to love properly and the Laws of attraction –“all about love” being sessions of particular interest.
Having attending the five workshops and several stalls we purchased a few items of note. My friend took advantage of one of the advisory sessions whilst I was looking to arrange a break of April retreat. Whilst my enquiry was positive, hers was more sobering, for the answers to certain questions brought back responses of stark and sobering significance. As I told her however, enlightenment is always helpful to the armoury in the battles we face at this moment and in the times ahead – something I firmly believe in – time I guess, will tell.With a further liaison planned for next week; whilst ‘the car gets sorted’! Maybe there will be cheerier news and tales to tell – we shall see

Friday, 10 February 2012

CREDO – Challenges: - REVIEW:

C sees Credo challenges.
Choosing a pathway to follow with a driven tenet is what each of us do with a strength of inner belief, personal to the individual. Freedom of choice allows each of us to embrace with a passion a doctrine that gives support, comfort and inspiration to, and who am ‘one’ to question ‘another’ on how to feel? That witch we chose to partner us on this life’s journey; that we enjoy, and at times endure, is a credo that cannot be told to do but accepted voluntarily.
The route I made; and I’m sure so have others, sees a combination of challenges that we have to face. The perceptions when each date of significance arrives are met with the view of, me naked, naked girls around an open fire, animal sacrifices, dark rituals and others similar, of being out of step with the modern world – though that one I champion, for being out of step with the modern though in step with the ‘natural’ world is I feel far more important.
Stigmas come from envy and jealously, media and other propaganda, though more to the point, a lack of education.
I was raised in the 60s of loving parents who allowed me express and participate in the wind of change that was in the air and to stand by my beliefs.
Although not a great scholar, I feel akin with the credo of Paganism, long before I realised it. So though I confess not as educated as perhaps I feel I should be. I not so much follow in unison with others, but join upon a trail of direction travelling to a different beat and tempo of a drum’s calling.
The youthful spirit of the Hippie was not all Love and Peace, it was Protest and Protect – and these challenges faced violent opposition.
The faith that I follow meets less aggression though similar prejudice, in that becomes it goes against the (view of society) norm then it is to be criticised, ridiculed and to some the subject of bullying, from school teasing, ostracised in teenage years to compulsion of requirement to and for family need as one gets older. When the head and the heart collide, there are bound to be consequences – and in some cases casualties – Conviction of conscience costs!
Within the workplace there is a required expectation for compliance that can contradict the mindset of sincerity.
It has cost me recognition, promotion opportunities and an underestimation of capability; though that is at times an asset – hmm.
I guess that I am not alone in this and at least feel an affinity with othersAnywho, as previously stated, being out of step is something that most of us have to deal with on an everyday basis, still as the saying goes “being out of step is not being out of control, and moreover it means that you see, hear, feel and experience that witch others miss out on” – I guess that’s the upside of being a champion of challenges.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

And then there was Imbolc

This week saw the Pagan festival of Imbolc; the celebration of St. Brigid. It marks the dawning and awaking of 'Spring' to the World. Lying halfway between the two Equinoxes, traditions vary one depicting girls and young, unmarried, women of the household or village creating corn dollies, dress with ribbons and baubles that are laid in a bed. Visited by the young men of locale, who: after asking permission to enter receive and treat the dollies with due and appropriate respect. Another sees Brigid walks the earth on Imbolc eve, passing on her gift and sacred blessing to those members of the household who leave items for to bless - and there are more.
Once again, it is a time of reflection, refreshment and rejuvenation – which once more I indulge within.
On the eve and day of the event, I chose to spend an evening at a venue locale. I saw it late and made the instinctive decision to go. I don’t do social events often – there never seems to be the opportunity – or is that excuse (?)
As with most things in my life, the subconscious and ‘off the wall’ decisions can often be those which provide the most favourable results.
T’was an evening of poetry, prose, sing, playing and other entertainment that took me back to the days of Beatnik, Hippie, Indie and raw truth. Welcoming, openness, honesty in an non-threatening and/or intimidating environment = “A splendid time for all”
Onto the next day when I met up again with a lady; of whom I had not seen for a few years, and an instant connection (or should that be re-connection?) saw a brief conversation and re-acquaintance last for a 6 hour period. Buoyed on with events of the night before, I feel comfortable to engage on a personal and what I hope was felt intimate connection of MBS.
With further dates planned, I wonder upon the future and how things can turn on the flick of a breeze. I guess time will tell.
Saturday saw a trip to Crewe to see some new accommodation that Mum was considering. I brave some dodgy weather though arrive, collect and travel to the complex. Once inside there are questions to be asked and feelings to be felt before a commitment is made. After due consideration, the practical issues are none that cannot be overcome and upon due muse the decision is that Mum is on the move. Naturally it will be a somewhat difficult time for her; as this lifestyle change will be the first without Dad at her side – though there will be plenty of support on hand. Time to rally the troops; make a date for an operation and in 4 weeks – “Tally Ho”!
The return home sees my way back a battling with worse weather conditions, and after negotiating 2 road traffic accidents and a 40 minute duration taking almost 2 hours. I apprise a worried Mum of my arrival and settle down for the night – Phew!

Friday, 3 February 2012


With the event of Imbolc this week, I chose C for Celebrations.
These dates pre-cede the modern day calendar, and are more aligned to seasonal change than commercial purpose, and is that witch I can equate with more acceptance – for it is more about should be enjoyment than expectancy; something that has I feel been lost – it is the message as well as the method.
Found on the Wheel of the Year, the dates these events of note flow with nature, and have more of an affinity with Mother Earth and her cycle of balance. With fixed and fluid dates that move with the solar influence, each of the festivals has their own special significance, though rather than demean their importance, in concisely terms: -
A brief view to note
IMBOLC - Stable date = 2nd February
The celebration of a returning of light, the Sun begins to radiate with warmer glow, and a fresh start / beginning to the year. My time of New Year, when resolutions begin and I gather my thoughts in preparation for March springs.
OSTRA - Shifting date = (March 20th – 23rd)
The time of Spring Equinox – An awakening and rejuvenation, when things begin to awake, bloom and the gears engage and into action I begin to make and initiative with purpose deeds anew. A period when the budding fertility can excite and delight
BELTANE - Stable date = 1st May
Known as a time of maypoles and merriment, it is a beginning of a period of celebration for sacred unions to receive blessings of divinity. The bloom of floral display exhibits a delightful gift to share with one’s partner of choice or indeed deity.
LITHA - Shifting date = (June 23rd – June 23rd)
The celebration of Summer solstice – it is the longest day and shortest night. We work hard in preparation for days ahead, spending a full day of toil to endure but upon completion, it is one of gratifying satisfaction.
LUGHNASDH (LAMMAS) - Stable date = 31st/July-31st August
Celebrating the first harvest, we reap the benefit of what was sown and enjoy the fruit of berry and grain of bread for the first time.
MABON - Shifting date = (Septemberer21st – 23rd)
The Autumn Equinox – it is the second harvest festival and a time when the tasks we have set ourselves are coming to a conclusion.
SAMHAIN - Stable date = 31st October
The last harvest of the year – a time of sensitive shadow, the closet time for the world of living and dead to almost; and indeed sometimes touch - the renowned “Halloween” when respectful remembrance is given to those who have passed over.
YULE -Shifting date = (Dec 20th -23rd)
Celebration of Winter Solstice – The shortest day of the year (and longest night). The Earth lays in slumber and when we dwell in winter weather. It is a time when the surplus storage of energy and material are put to good use.
And so, to all of olde faith = Blessed be