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The Man behind the Mask
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Sunday, 25 December 2011

An alternative Christmas thought

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine, a perception of family festive fun, of parties, of laughter and happiness all around us, sadly all too often it is not the case. For many it is a period of sadness, loneliness and great sorrow. Suicide rates are up, depression rises and it seems that only those with self-focused intent and attitude are able to be on the better side of average, with those of meek, mild and innocence temperament suffering some degree of misery.
From a Worldwide perspective, we are in trouble. Be it the financial market, global environmental issues, the lessening of moral standards along with the widening of the gap of social status, things don’t look too good.
With the New year of 2012 (a film that most have seen) approaching, many predict troubles aplenty and see us fated to suffer more than would be usually expected, whether it is minor hardship or perhaps far worse, some do question what we are due to expect, and any hope there is, would be that forlorn.
Melancholy can be so great that the feelings swell up and we are wrapped in a Black cocoon of doom filled thoughts.
For one who has been there in mind and spirit, I feel the slip into such an abyss can be easy. When standing on the precipice the balance can be precarious. Only then can those who empathise through personal experience, know these times when faced the ultimate dilemma, only they can say whose voice will be the stronger, the dark demons of darkness or the Grey Knights who stand in the shadows as guardians of protection and it is that; as the bard quote, “where lies the rub”. Those who fall into despair can be those whose life lacks the interaction of family and friends. One can soon become the person that many know of, but nobody knows (“Behind Blue Eyes” – indeed)
I am grateful to the intervention of an Angel, a young female of youthful years; who thrice pulled me back from the brink though unaware of such, and I have to believe in a brighter philosophy.
To accept an inevitability of defeatism invites much negativity and it is at this time more than ever, that our strength and conviction; though tested shows our true character. There is always hope, and such resolve will see us through many dark days. It is our capacity to adapt to adversity that allows our evolution, development and survival. I have a faith that sees me spend many times throughout the year to reflect, review what has been, is as is to be in order to embrace what is there as well as the norm. We need I feel, to appreciate and embrace the brighter things that are already to hand and what can be available for us to advance within and without of us – with positivity, drive and confidence the power we hold within us allow a great deal resolve to call upon and achieve so much

Thursday, 22 December 2011

An anniversary remembered

There are dates within the calendar which we etch in our memory and birthdays are probably those we remember most. Today saw one of such note – that being one of an ex-lover. Although the relationship was one on a long distance, evolving from contact made on the book of face, it was nevertheless; for me, one of significance and happier times.
Maybe it is coincidental that it falls on a date of note recognised by my faith, that being of Yule? Maybe it was that a time of me being low in spirit and soul, that she was a gift sent by such guardians to satisfy a need (not a want) to provide uplift just when I needed it most. I guess you have to be a believer.
When relationships break up, I feel it leaves; to varying degree, a sense; if not of heartache, then disappointment, along with a wonder of what may have been and of, ‘if only’.
The comfort of a warm embrace, and company of one whom I felt I could call truly a soul-mate, has left a black hole within my heart with a regret and lasting sense still felt within my thoughts of that similar to bereavement.
Looking to move on can never be easy when one is the recipient of a ‘Dear John’ communication, though as with anything that is of substantial emotive meaning lost, one has to look for the positives there had been.
I recall the pleasures of euphoria experienced, be it in sexual gratification as well as spiritual satisfaction. The simple pleasure and pride in her company. The attuning of like-minded philosophies, of the sharing of heartaches, along with the burdens we had had of past baggage - which we both carried and I’m sure still do.
There were many things that we both had in common and a future together seemed; though not straight forward, something we could face and indeed overcome.
I had made enquiries regarding education of her children, explored the medical facilities required to treat the condition of Mega migraine proportions, I had made enquiries in regard to addressing the language difficulties that posed an issue with the teenage twins and was about to commit to provide accommodation within my abode – and although moving in is a major commitment, it was something I was prepared to do.
The hand of fate however was to play it’ card and the knave that was always in the game was dealt, and then - game over.
One has be grateful for the good times however and after all “It’s better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all” – they say
And so I send Birthday blessings to you KD, life can be unfair though know that I still care, with all that you have had to put up with, still send to you my best wishes in the hope that the demons that haunt you abate, and you receive all that you deserve - Bless

Sunday, 18 December 2011

And when I asked there was muted response

This week, my daughter told me news of someone whom I used to call ‘best’ friend. Following chest pains and a degree of persuasion from work colleagues, he visited and was told by hospital he had suffered a heart attack. As a consequence, a triple by-pass was required. Though I had not seen him for some while ‘there was a time’ when we had what some may today describe as a Bromance.
In youth we had a number of good times. Our first holiday abroad to Majorca, where I recall young Jayne from London, climbing out of the pool with her bikini top falling off, one couldn’t help but be drawn to her “Rock and Roll” tattoo. Using his translation skills to tell a fellow traveller to utter a phrase to a Frenchman that translated to, “When are your Mother and Father getting married?”
We double-dated a few times - he interacted better with the more outgoing of the two ladies, whilst I equated with the more timid, sensitive one. Then there were the musical concerts, when Meatloaf was a young man, ‘the Boss’ performed three hour shows and beano extravaganza from the Who.
All was well until he asked; ‘as his best friend’, what I thought of his then girlfriend, so I did, only to be told at the end of my observation, they had just got engaged and set a date for marriage – oops indeed!
We gradually lost touch from then – seems time and pride is unforgiving.
And so; primarily at the bequest of one of former romantic connection, she stating concern regarding his health - along with his current marital status, I began my search to speak to him. Via his brother; though there were scant details, I was able to ascertain a mobile phone number. Though it took my full and not solely first name for recognition, contact was made.
During conversation it was obvious he had lost none of his linguistic eloquence and education. He related the seriousness of his condition – only the area of such; being the heart and not the liver and lungs was a surprise. The recovery from such trauma would be steady and cautious.
Though he thanked me for my concern, ‘tea was on the table’, so I relayed to him my email, telephone / mobile details for future contact – of which I still await.
As for the originator of keen enquiry, there too was a similar lack of interest - one wonders why bother? It seems whims, passing thoughts, false concern and genuine appreciations are all too familiar these days.
When I review such actions I feel a degree of disappointment, though perhaps it is I, having spent too long in a cocoon of protectiveness and lost the reality of social lifestyles, too long wearing spectacles of rose-coloured। Maybe time at this ‘festive’ season to analyse ‘friends’ and either work more on relationships, or close the book on them, resigning such to memory
– Time, an never ending wheel in motion

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Religion is always beaten by faith

I had a visit from two Witnesses of religion. I told them I was of Pagan Faith, tolerant of other beliefs be it Muslim Quaker Catholic Jewish etc though had conviction to my own. It did not deter them and they invited me to engage in conversation, so I did. For when asked to opine upon a subject, I feel my duty to respond with honesty and confidence, for communication is the way forward to an understanding of others tenets, values and philosophies.
We began in an amicable manner and bantered on several topics. I’m not a believer in religion myself, but an advocate instead of faith, a credo I had a kinship to throughout my life. I felt that it was the main cause of wars, and many heads of such organisations were out of touch with those that they called brethren, and as I told the main spokesman, there seemed to be more excuses than explanations given upon questioning of such.
He referred to the changes to the planet, saying many thought it was Gods revenge though his alternative view was that God is there to help and; for those who adhered to his word, would be saved. I said that sounded too much like a deal based on fear and; as some may say intimidation.
He continued to say there is good news to tell, I agreed citing the little orange dingy that bobbed up and down before huge whaling ships in defence of a creature to be protected and not used and abused by consumer requirement. Putting their life on the line; literally, for the cause, he responded by saying yes, but the real good is out there being done by the grace of God by numerous disciples of the word that he and others like him preached – I said though I believed in his sincerity it was not mine!
He added, if you had good news to tell would you not want it to be told? I replied yes but by education and example, not demand and directory command = a horse to water scenario. He used the example of knowing a cure for Cancer, I said that maybe there was a cure for this and several other illnesses, though whilst there is an opportunity for corporate profit then the release of such seems to be ‘after due consideration’.
He continued, stating all the answers to our questions lay within the book he carried, and only those who adhered to its philosophy would be worthy to be saved. At this point I reacted with greater criticism.
He said in his book that his saviour spread the word to the furthest part of distant lands – I queried this as the ‘known world’ did not stretch to areas such as that which lay across the Atlantic, he added yes but it was to be those lands not yet known – at this I said I was quite sceptical.
I cited the Native Americans; who like the faith of my own, had an infinity to the elements, holding the environment and nature’s beauty with respect – both of witch, were hunted down to the brink of genocide by so called civilisations under the leadership of corporate materialism and indeed an excuse of religious guidance.
I pointed out with translation and interpretation things could have an element if not an absolute fact of reference.
The destruction of chariots in deadly pursuit engulfed in deluge and watery grave is quite possible to accept if, one thinks of the marshes (REED) where peoples could carefully cross, yet heavy artillery not in an area near to the RED Sea – maybe it was divine intervention, maybe it was creative invention, I mused – he looked confused.
I questioned why only one (son) was the ‘chosen one’ in one land to be the messenger of all truth, he replied yes and he was killed, I answered well one messenger was, not the message – just like the messages of other religions!
I queried the contradictions therein i.e. is it an 'eye for an eye', or 'turn the other cheek'? He had no creditable response
I asked why there was no mention of a Mrs God. We had previously agreed that man alone could not create life and that male and female of the species (science precluded) could create a life natural. He had no response, just to say that God was an entity of mixed gender though to the question, why always in the male form? – he had no answer.
Indeed, why was no prominence given to any female role models, within the main teachings (i.e. secondary mention only)?
He could not answer. I pointed out that any Bible / Book of doctrine that was felt to be the LAW was faulty, He said "it is the law - of God" at this I saw the other closing his eyes.
I ended by saying, “are you convinced that this book is 100% correct in its teachings, despite the length of time it took to write, and its several translations/interpretations by many of different age and perceptions, and there is no other god”? – He replied "Yes". I said "OK, if that is your belief, good for you, but it's not mine, Goodbye, Good luck and may your God go with you" We parted such
I’m always receptive to the thoughts of others, though not when there are those that either will not, or perhaps can, not do so a constructive and similarly accepting way. I don’t get why some people can’t accept differences of credo whilst living a life by example and action and not feel the need to preach. Opine yes, but not dictatorship. It seems to me that an adherence by blinkered and controlling of any religion with blind obedience is not a comfort I care for.
I embrace a way of life that is encouraging, nurturing and with inspiration gives comfort. It works for me and such choice shows why Religion is always beaten by faith

Sunday, 4 December 2011

My Grand Daughter’s first protest

Leading up to the day of planned action there was a degree of expectancy, and on the day I was prepared; though the organisation of others was not as such

I began by picking up a couple of young female students and transporting them to the picket line of Manchester College for to support their teachers in dispute। Having done so I was en route to collecting my granddaughter, and as I drove past where I thought there would be a picket line, I found sadly there was an empty site. I looked around for a couple of minutes before I had an appointment to make. I arrived at my elder daughter’s to an excited Phoebe, and after dressing and feeding her, we returned to the site, passing other establishments which were heavily attended, we sounded our horn and waved our encouragement, receiving a positive response, though when we returned to our point of arranged meet, it was disappointing to find no one on patrol. Undeterred, we made our way to the local site of union residence and announced our arrival. It seemed that we had missed those who had stood in situ and; I was told had been there for a couple of hours – hmm. Anywho, along with my younger daughter and granddaughter, we set off to the assembly point in the town centre and took our place amongst the mass of people in ordered readiness.
The parade began to cheers and we marched on a route that went past several of the major parts of the town to the cheers, claps and waves (including my ex-wife-which was nice) of the general public onlookers that far outnumbered that of the police marshals; horses and all. It was a good feeling to receive the backing of a good number showing encouragement and appreciation. It was a peaceful event with good natured marshalling by those in the force – with thankfully no sign of Lt. John Pike!
Upon completion of the parade, the rally took place in a park near to the student campus of Manchester University where the claxons, whistles, drums and rattles made the point of loud noise to show we were there to be heard.
Despite this, the leader of the CON-DEMing Government saw it in a different way, trying to dismiss it with some contempt before announcing that he would be capping wages; that had been previously negotiated, to a reduced 1% - this based on projected inflationary figures of 3% per annum – oh and confirming that MP pensions would be exempt from this scenario. Two days later, it was reported that the UK is tottering on further recession, with a majority of the population in Wales on the poverty line – Well ‘No shit Sherlock’! Regardless of this, my granddaughter’s first protest of peaceful disorder was one she participated in with enthusiasm and enjoyment, and her part is now embedded in a historical record of the biggest national turn out for decades “Teach your children well” - indeed

Saturday, 3 December 2011

A Speed unnecessary

Prior to the National event that was to come, last Sunday saw news of the shock suicide of a popular sportsman. With his professional and personal life in positive order, no sign of scandal or financial concern, seen in conversation just hours earlier on TV, in good frame of mind, humour and considered thought on the subject matter, with no outward sign of any distress, the lack of reason behind the action was quite a sobering thought.
The death of a popular person who seems to have it all is surprising at the best of times, though when one is (seemingly) familiar with the persona and lifestyle of either public appearance or celebrity, it can really hit home.
To think, no, more to realise, that the outward appearances of an individual can be so misleading is a lesson for us all to be mindful of. None of us ever really know that which goes on “Behind Blue eyes” and to coin another phrase “the picture is not the story”. It seems to me a reminder for us all (to paraphrase) “Not to judge another until we have walked in their moccasins” and to take the time to see - not just look, to listen - not just hear and to learn, and not presume.
Though this ode is dedicated to the man, it is moreover the incident and circumstances that are generally all too common in our preconceptions of others. Only when it touches a familiarity does it become a stark wake-up call, and at that time, it is too late for to act. I feel more is required of us, to observe and to act –it used to be called care, not to take for granted those others who may well have inner demons that they hide with a facade of disguise. More importance should lie in the pro-active and not reactive and not let it be too late to respond when they do act. The capacity to do so is within us all
Gone from here before his time
Away from here with little pre-sign
Rest in a place which comfort brings
Your legacy there, still terraces sing
Speedo, you'll be remembered well
Professional, with no bad tales to tell
Eager, a positive drive you brought
Enthusiasm such a thing you taught
Drifted now unto another plain – though in the memory you will remain
- RIP Gary Speed

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Old Bill Wan Kenobi

The countdown to action for the cause saw me initially encouraged. To join in with the ranks of what could be said Jedi, as bastions of fairness against a Government empire which leans towards that of the Masters of Punishment (or as they are commonly known - MPs) and a community of high wage earners, the pay, social standing and class divide widens.
The media however seems none too favourable, and there is not as much public support as I feel should be expected – one can only feel that the PR machine is not as strong as one would hope, and the message that Pensions apply to all is not at all prominent, along with the point that MP and other decision makers have their own retirement packages ‘ring fenced’ – I sigh and begin to feel disappointment.
A midweek break allowed me to spend a day with my Granddaughter of 18 months, how quickly they grow, learn and develop. Seeing her embrace activity with relish, gives me mind to include her in the early learning education of participation, that of making change and not just watching and living with it. Like many, I’m not financially rich or have professional skills to pass on to my children/grandchildren, though what I can relate by deed, along with design is the installation of principles and conviction for just cause. Actions along with words result in progress – and indeed development.
Friday saw a Branch meeting to discuss the plan for next Wednesday.
Negotiations in order to resolve the national issue of pensions seemed to have hit an impasse and we are going for a day of action which will see Trade Unions in unison to unite, and a national strike is on!
It was; as we pointed out a belated time for preparations, and a rushed strategy which seemed much more reactive than pro-active. As an Arien Olde Hippie, I found the constraints that were told to me going against the grain of my principles.
As I listened to the arguments of those who ‘tried to’ tell me that I could only help those within the circle of membership and deny others the benefits that my experience and knowledge that would allow them assistance, I started to feel a degree of exclusion from the main core.
I came away from the meeting in muse, and started to think of my own personal strategy, standing up for my principles and conviction of conscience, after all what good is a knight without their heart.
As others work together within a cliché; that I feel will see resentment, I will endeavour to represent those within the fold whilst affording help to all in need without of the grouping. Though it has often been said I’m a bit of a rebel within a rebellion (or without a cause) – as Obi wan Kenobi was in his own way, I guess that’s a tag I will be labelled with – either that, or a Lone Ranger alone = “C’est la vie”

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Being out of step is cool

A week when I am disappointed in the way work puts the emphasis on figures and not fact. As a record keeper by profession, I find that when the targets imposed, are based on identifying only the anomalies that are acknowledged by automotive recognition and not human experience, does not sit well, and is; I feel fundamentally wrong. In order to hit a target that is based on an expectancy of reliability and not a calculation of judgement, will see errors of consequence that many just do not see. I guess it’s my Fool on the hill self-analysis. Having said that however, being out of step with everyone else means that one sees, hears and feels that witch others do not (have the capacity to) see. That is and has been my credo throughout the years despite (or maybe because of) the feeling of being ostracised by that Witch is deemed the normality of generalisation.
Back on Earth - following the planned progress of the Metro-link transportation (Blog 23/10/11 relates) the subsequent local road and utility works saw a period of seven days without Gas – meaning no hot water, central heating and hob. Apparently the water men dug into the Gas pipe, flooding it and cutting off supply to 1499 homes and myself. Fortunately, the electric shower, oven and microwave came to my rescue, and inconvenience replaced total incapacity – still, a reminder of how reliance on modern technology can be; well if not flawed, then taken too much for granted.
With time ticking down to 30th November, the mechanism of momentum is moving towards the momentous movement of the many. The results of balloting from an ever increasing number of disillusioned angry girls and boys, sees the unison of union people in the nursing, teaching and public sectors (to name just three industries) showing their discontent and commitment to a cause that will affect both those within and without workers representation, and will have a significant affect of all in future years. The day of action; should there is no Government u-turn, will see the first national strike in many years. The realisation of the work longer, pay more and receive less; when one needs it most at pensionable age, is something that affects all those unprotected by ‘ring-fenced’ schemes that applies to MPs and high ranking Governments posts, and is strikingly evident. As one who remembers ‘back in the day’ protests, I muse if this is a throwback to when people realised the power they had, and used it effectively.
As the phrase goes, “United we stand divided we fall”. There are rumours of counter actions to this rebellion which; if recent events have pointed to, will result in forceful retaliation. I doubt if they will be as severe as those employed elsewhere in the world, however, one never can tell – though it will be interesting to see how that would pan out with those who reside within their ranks to see what that would be – time will tell.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Lest we forget

Another week of working days and ordinarily chilled out nights saw a degree of difference as I began a process of out-going of items to make way for anew. My Autumnal cleanse let go a past that was more mental calculation than physical effort, though demanded some clinical decisiveness.
Friday was a notable date in the calendar 11.11.11. Annually 11.11 is one remembered for those fallen during conflicts, here, there, then and sadly now. A time when we should I feel pause and spare a couple of minutes in acknowledgement to, and for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their cause.
Without getting into political debate over nationality, religion or social preference it is a matter of respect. Were it not for those largely unsung heroes, we would not have the opportunity of freedom of speech in the majority of the Worlds countries. Living in a country where one has; in the main, the right to express one’s opinions, I engage in doing so; for it was hard fought and must never be taken for granted.
In musical reference, there are three tunes that spring to mind at this time, Dylan’s “With God on our side”, “Universal Soldier” by Buffy Saint Marie and Marvin Gaye’s “What’s going on” holding a degree of significance, “war is not the answer, for only love can conquer hate” indeed.
Those foot soldiers of General’s direction are whom we should pay silent homage to, also mindful of the responsibility that we have when outside conflict. It is to seek out a coming together of peoples and their ideologies - whilst being tolerant to the freedom of choice of those individual. After all Wars may be won by armies, but it is people who have the power when it comes to winning the peace.
Through the years the tragic consequences to the actions deemed necessary at the time, has seen many a family’s life changed forever, to them an acknowledgement is also I feel appropriate –an aspect often neglected.
Around this time is a particularly and personally poignant period for me. Three years ago saw the passing of my father. As most relationships between father and son, there were times when we didn’t see eye to eye, though those times were few and far between, and I know that there are traits of persona that I have inherited from him.
Unlike him however, I don’t think I have the same degree of patience. When confronted with what I believe to be injustice, I stand as that fool (or as I like to think, Hero(?)) that rushes in where Angels fear to tread – and in physically putting oneself in harm’s way; still bear the scars of such, though I remain true to my conviction of conscience. His reputation of being not only a gentle man, but a gentleman also is something that I can only endeavour to aspire to. So to my Dad and all those who have passed over, are thanks – lest we forget

Sunday, 6 November 2011

31/10/11 A time of year: (Part Two)

My follow up sees both Halloween / Samhain faith addressed
POEM for the day:
Spiders crawling on the walls, the sky, a ghastly Black,
Breeze that blows through bristling trees, the silent noises crash
. By wing or scuttle, the tiny feet, a sign I’m not alone,
. In shadows mist, a presence brings, a shiver to the bone
Moonbeams pierce, like laser light, to scenes that bring a fear,
For nature can be clinical, Owl swoops upon its victim, that sadly did not hear,
. The date that’s known for spirits play when many fear a fright
. But me I am in element I love this annual night
Luna Lights: A short story
Once again it is a night of note, a time when the influence of Lady Luna is such that I am drawn to her glory. The solar light shines upon our satellite, illuminating and inspiring me with confidence, powerful emotion and driven purpose. Though it is difficult to control - it is not impossible, and through the years I have learned to have a degree of focus, to embrace the ambience of those moments when the feeling inside is at its most sensitive. Is it a curse? Is it a gift? I suppose it depends on one’s viewpoint. Caught up in an eddy of experience that although is a mass of random confusion, can also produce a spectrum illusion. Strong are the moods of mad temper and rage, at times I struggle to easily hold onto my actions, thereafter reflecting, many a time with regret of such acts. Two worlds within my head, my persona split by elemental and the astronomic cycles of an ever turning wheel. More often than not I can judge the time, though it is always inevitable. The Moonbeams break through the clouds and my inner aura grows in intensity. It is, a time for change
A rite in the night:
With reverence and respect I begin with the placement of satin cloth on surface of choice. Candles reflect the mood, Black to end negativity and White to welcome anew. Along with other selective tools to assist in the connection and ritual of particular choice, I am happy in my preparations that will enable the act/s of magic to be performed.
One is the observation of gentle flames burning away those items; either in actual or representative form, the ills of one’s enemy or their persona। Upon completion the extinguishment of such allowing a clearing away of the insignificant, that which holds us back and those who either wish us harm, openly or covertly, or show no courtesy or with distain (you know who you are) it is that witch I can deal quite clinically with. It is a trait of honest self analysis and by no way pride – It is, the way I am.
Once the preliminary sessions were completed it was on to the other aspects of witch are more intimate, although did the job for me –and satisfaction !

31/10/11 A time of year (Part One)

A special day deserves a special posting and so there is a post and sequel.
Halloween / Samhain: I celebrate in fun and in muse from my position of a-lone Ranger, a Fool on the Hill if you like, of a Sabbath day close to my heart, spirit and soul. Moreover it is a date of event for ‘all souls’ to participate in, and enjoy.
Be it pagan past, as Samhain lore acknowledges to and for the dead; though like the card of Tarot, Death is only the beginning and an opportunity to discard negativity of recent time to move ओं

For me, the date signifies the fading of the warm months as the chill of winter days approach. The time when the fall back of hours throws all back for an hour, we stock up the provisions and prepare for the darker days ahead.
The veil of shadow at its most sensitive between Samhain and towards Yule, it allows an opportunity, to reach out to a beyond of yet incomprehensible reasoning, and certainly not to be feared. Those who were lost, have passed on, and over are our guardians akin to silent parents to guide and assist though not to overly interfere. It is a time when wisdom is passed though the embracement of spiritual energy and affords us to a time to reject any negative aura.
Or perhaps is it the more recently embraced tradition of Halloween; where parties, tricks and revelry take precedent.
People are strange: When they come to ‘my’ door, I make sure I’m ready for them – Mask, Shaving foam and sweets to hand it’s a trick and treat thing
Witch ever is one’s choice, at least the date is to be remembered, and as it is to that faith Witch to myself, and I guess to others of a similar vein, that is important. I wonder how, what other cultures feel about this time; in particular? Home and Away opinions and comments are welcomed and indeed invited for tolerant communication in this world or the next is always a great virtue to have.
Bless Buffy: Seems since Sarah Michelle Geller took up the TV series role of the super heroine, and latterly charmed and others of similar vein, there is more interest in the Art of magic. Lore has become not so much a back street movement (although true practitioners will tell you, it’s not all about the good magic) and becoming a follower of Wicca is more popular. The 2011 UK Census and my employer have both recognised my Pagan faith and a deal more tolerance is seen about – one hopes it’s not to be a fad.
SING-A-LONG Happy Nightmares: The Night of fear is here, whether you Moondance in the Moonlight Shadow, go Crazy on the Ghost train, have Sympathy for, and Dance with the Devil from the Underworld or walkabout with the Werewolves of London as the Bad Moon Rises – Have Happy Nightmares with the Black Widow and listen with fun

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Elvis visits the building

Party time this week past, saw the re-appearance of Elvis in female form, as my daughter made the effort to transform herself into ‘the king’ (she was ‘thanked very much ‘on more than one occasion).
As for me, I went for the punk look of my youth. Reflecting on such, I mused upon how commercialisation had taken its toll, and saw Punk become ‘Alternative’ in order to meet the marketing requirement of the day. Musicians over-rode the raw harshness of originality, though I miss the early days, the musical finesse ensures those recordings remain in latter days.
Although it can be a bit of a bind in preparation and tidy up a bit of a chore, the (beer) bong along with the, ‘yard of ale’ or whatever was put in it, along with other items of alcohol was liberally consumed however, ‘back in my day’ there was never that much wastage – these kids today ha. The condoms brought for party entertainment were put to good use –which was nice, most beer and some food; somewhat hastily prepared had been digested. Having the company of youth is always a pleasure, whichever country they hail from, even Liverpool!
Whilst it was good to see the kids making an effort, Adam Ant, Kurt Cobain, Donovan and an array of male and female figurines that typified the theme of Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll, I did feel a bit out of place.
Having made the effort (though I do like dressing up) I integrated with the young group of those aged (the eldest) of 20 years difference, and was reasonably sociable, before taking my leave, allowing them the freedom of expression – better to fade out and into the shadows than be the Dad that stands in way of exuberance methinks. Having said that, I can’t be that bad, encouraged to re-join the group, and to participate in the party games of beer bong and beer tennis; and we won’t even go into the card games (I smile) – Good times
I retired to the lounge where I was joined in conversation with one of my female guests for part of the evening; excited for our early morning rendezvous of sporting action. We talked for a short while before I decided it was time for bed, and so to do so.
Along with my two female guests there were in total a further ten persons crashing out at my abode. The Germanic girl had a lie in, whilst Mc Kiwi was up early, a bona fide guide to the ‘Hakka’ was an experience itself! Anywho, a nervy but nevertheless enjoyable victory over the French made us both happy.
Looking ahead, it’s not long until the celebration of night of Souls festival. Tomorrow is the Sabbath of Samhain and I will see it due reverence. It would be nice to share with others the celebration, though is more likely another night of singular experience, - ah well at least there will be friends within shadows, lol.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Death of a Roundabout

As I look out from my living room window, past the gardens edge, across the green space of free space, the view is of a main road, with the traffic controlled by a roundabout of approximately 70 feet (20 metres) diameter that had stood full of greenery. A barrier of trees formed a protection, standing over bush, grass and flower that gave refuge (be it to of minor respite) for a family of Fox; seen in and about during the twilight hours, on occasion rabbits (though, as indicated, not for long!) and activity therein of squirrel and birds.
It was a site that had stood for many of years in a point of olde past, when tracks preceded the building of roads. Despite the busy activity of traffic; en route to the Airport, the Civic centre and a route where three towns of Manchester, Stockport and Altrincham could be accessed, did its job of slowing the volume and speed of transport at its junction, whilst still affording the facility of access to relevant direction. A guardian of silent and geographical advisory assistance that has seen lots, and folk would agree far better days.
Time however has caught up with this monument, and the modern requirement for speedy and accessible public transport has seen the initiative of a tram system being introduced, sadly, on a route that sees the obliteration of the site.
The chopping down of trees, uprooting of bushes and removal of habitat is something that is heartfelt to this observer, for this is more than a case of progress; even though it is promoted as such.
Despite the perception that I am somewhat of a Luddite, or ‘saboteur – I’m not, I just wonder if there is really a case for a sustainable case for the tearing down of this site. At the “consultation” (yeah right- like they were gonna stop it!) meeting; that was sadly under represented, I was assured that the fares would be reasonably competitive, the noise and disruption would be kept to a minimum and the replacement of nature’s beauty would be forthcoming (re-plating of greenery) – along with the repatriation of animal habitat having been done in a caring and respectful manner.
To me; though that was a factor, it was not the issue. Too easily it seems, we cast aside of heritage, and though not somewhere steeped in a historical grandeur, it still held historical significance.
I await the reintroduction of greenery with a degree of patience, though such realisation of promise with scepticism and that the woodland critters would be able to settle into another habitat with hope. Still even if all is achieved, it is still indeed of a heartache to see, the death of a roundabout.

On the brighter side this weekend sees the home host to a party of youthful exuberance, for another one of my younger daughter’s celebrations; something about her birthday. As usual the normal rules apply, tidy before, Fancy dress, tidy afterwards – more next week.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Linda has the Lynx effect

This week saw a reasonable time in work. There was a bit of an issue what looked to be an error of managerial directive, though when it was established; after a bit of “Billy investigates” and a short meeting to clarify matters, all was cleared up – with further meetings set up in order to avoid any confusion in the future. Not so much a victory, more of an understanding.
Back at home, after settling in for comfort and ease, an evening’s phone call advised me of an impending visitation of one daughter and two friends who would be availing themselves of a chill out zone; or otherwise known as my parlour. An eta was given of 01:15, hmm, yes I’m sure.
As I was a sleeping I was awoken by the slamming of the door (03:35 yep, more like it) Bless them for trying to keep quiet, but once stirred, one becomes aware – especially as the toilet is opposite my bedroom. After a brief rest, about Ninety minutes later, it was time to get off to work, after a shower, shave and dressing, I poked my head around the door to ask where my cuppa tea was (I had ordered such upon the phone notification) and sadly there was none; although there was an additional guest.
Time for payback methinks, for kids however old, are nevertheless still kids. There was still enough time for me to make a humorous observation; or is that moan of? And so I related to the group “Dad thinks”. The topic I chose today being the bemoaning of passing years.
I spoke of the TV advertisement that featured the sound of Stone Poneys Linda Ronstadt “travelling to the beat of a different drum” I pointed out to them how I recalled her at 21 years, slim, sweet sounding and of alluring attraction and a young boy’s desire.
I told them; just as a matter of interest, I looked her up on the Wiki site, and saw that she is now of pensionable age. Whilst it certainly no reflection on the lady; still fresh faced and melodic – it was a sobering and a bit of a depressing thought, that whilst one still feels young at and in heart, that the years passing so quickly and teen years will not come back. There is nothing like a reality check to put one in their place, and the mirror I have is not a pretty picture – I bade farewell confident in the knowledge that they were enthralled, either that or maybe I will get breakfast next time – lol
There’s nothing much more to report back on, except the contact made with interested parties in respect of my poetic and reflective writings of text and verse – which was encouraging and stimulating, an action for me to pursue for sure.
The end of this week was tinged with sadness, of a death in the vicinity. Maybe it’s me, but the demise of such touched me – more about that next week

Sunday, 9 October 2011

A Better Week

Overall, it was a good week. Having taken on board my suggestion of change within the workplace; by a management of somewhat curious strategy, I feel a good deal of creativity has been allowed to flow within me and a sense of satisfaction achieved. A lot has been achieved by enabling ownership of problems, concerns, anomalies and inconsistencies to be resolved by research / integration of IT and administrative systems by a most capable fellow (though to paraphrase Mandy Rice-Davies “I would say that though, wouldn’t I?).
It was going so well too. It looked like they had conceded to the fact that I might actually be correct with my analysis of service provision coupled with utilisation of people skills and indeed morale, however, the process seems to be have ‘loaded’, in that certain personnel were put in positional roles that did not suit their preference and not mine. I mean, if they were going to openly acknowledge and not ‘slip the rumour’ that the idea came from me, then I could have organised it in a more structured manner. Now, after only 5 days; of what I calculated to be a 6 week period of operation, the workforce has been asked for feedback on the process, typical! Now they have the opportunity to say we gave it a go and, people didn’t like it, so we won’t do it.
It does; I suppose, set a precedent. If new practices ‘introduced by management’ are not favoured by the staff, then it follows that reversal of such can also be auctioned, if not, then that makes it contradictory; unless of course the ‘Animal farm’ scenario is imposed (equal opportunities indeed!) Once again I feel the sword within my hand and will continue to argue my points, carrying on regardless – such is ‘the nature of the best’ (I think that’s the phrase).
On the brighter side, I had the pleasurable company of my youngest daughter for three days. On hand to make sure that I ate properly, paid heed to the housework and check that the washing machine was in good order! It’s always nice to have one’s children around (be even nicer if I could find the female soul-mate for more intimate liaison – ah well)
Solace is okay for the deliberation, refection and general thought process, but a loner alone can see one fall into a lifestyle of apathy.
I also spent time with my older daughter; who works far too hard for my liking - still, I can’t knock her conscientiousness. This was coupled with visits to my Granddaughter that brightened the days. Though recently unwell; a virus contracted as children do, even the ills were unable to dampen her enthusiasm – “happy is the sunshine that breaks through the gloom of a cloudy day”Be it children or Grand children, as ones sees them grow in age and mature into characters of their own individual definition, their sparkle can inspire, and indeed perpetuate one’s youth – well that is the plan.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

October – here already

With my snippets of (US) Blog “a week of” completed, I return to what I hope will be a weekly review. The past seven days have seen another period of more work and less play until Friday’s arrival. With each weekend, I find there is so, a temptation to sit in front of the TV, PC or stay in bed for a longer lie in than is necessary.
Having to work is a chore of necessity sure, though I do wish that it could give greater fulfilment than the dissatisfaction that is seems to do these days. Due to the current national financial climate, we are all experiencing cost cutting and that infamous but consequential word ‘streamlining’ with too much emphasis set on achieving targets, meaning quantity over quality bound to be affected – ah well, moan over (for now)!
My previous weeks shift times saw not much time other than work, sleep and a cramming in of everything else one, wonders if the dreaded age is a catching up on me? Happy is the shift change!
This week however, the weather brightened, and the long awaited summers warmth with record temperatures - for August! The garden got a degree of attention; with trimming, mowing and the clearing of autumnal leaves – along with the obligatory wind-swept rubbish from a near and far to deal with
Whilst nice, it is however a degree sad, in so much that the global climate is so effected by seasonal anomalies that the birds, bees, flowers and trees are somewhat at a loss as to what they are supposed to be doing – and what’s next? Maybe those sci-fi films aren’t too far off target with the Earth shifting axis, solar increase and Natures payback?
The more I reflect and muse; I find such deliberation seeing more regret than optimism. Is it all Black, dark and a winding down? Is there a coming back from the position we as the planets custodians have placed upon our race? Yes I have seen “2012”, and found it horrible in a number of ways: - Nothing can stop Nature, Money talks and how unlikely is it that the meek will inherit the Earth. (Rebellion only worked for those who were in some way ‘in the know’ and nobody made room for Green Environmentalists on those arks) – yes it was only a film, but some of the issues are not that far off the mark – I know, it’s another conspiracy theory – gets worse with years
However, after I get all down on things I look not only to my daughters, but my granddaughter too, and there I see a hope in and for the future. They say children keep one young, well I can dig that philosophy and so indulge with a return to the innocence of youth, be it placard in hand or finger on the keyboard to champion change; although not for changes sake! Continue to write, dream and work for better days ahead – as Scarlett O’Hara said “Tomorrow, is another day”.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

(US) BLOG (7 of 7)

SAT: 24 / 09 / 11: Week ending:
It’s not to say that last night/this morning festivities were an exhausting testing of mental and physical exercise however, suffice to say that a continuation of relaxed mode was required - the replenishment of exerted energy is always a good thing.
Reflection and participation of one’s required contribution make the mental mindful and physical somewhat tiring in one’s conclusion of that witch was.
A sobering acceptance this morning, that as seasonal dates pass with increasing regularity the days of Spring have well and truly gone, Summer I fear is a passing and Autumnal years are almost upon me.
I remember back in the day of earlier in the years of my youth to my first crush, a youthful Michelle Phillips; long hair, petite figure and sweet voice, now of pensionable age, my ‘fab’ group, The BeaTles, split over forty years ago - with Paul well past his 64 years, along with others of similar milestone leaving this plain to heavens above (or in some cases otherwise destination) – they, we and I were so young, the world was exploding from Black and White to spectrum colour and the hope for better days was ‘just around the corner’.
Time is not generous; and in some cases can be unforgiving and it would be easy to dwell on what if? Still, one only has to look to those who have refused to let this barrier be any kind of constraint to take heart, for there is always hope.
All walls of restriction have doorways to move through and progress. Maybe it’s how we overcome such obstacles them that defines us. I look at the power actor Christopher Lee can still command, the influence that Mandela has with words and the walking testament to good living Mr Keith Richards. Seems that this is just another rest stop along our way, and there is still some travelling to make before alighting to the next sphere of experience.
Whilst there are certainly peoples who recognise the value and worth of the elders, far too many are quick to judge on their capabilities and disregard the quality of experience despite their (so called) philosophy of diversity.
Maybe my observation is clouded by the workplace practices of my employment; whose reliance upon the wonderful world of IT and inevitably younger staff members that is too close to home? It is not that however which bothers me it is moreover the discarding of the steady foundational basis and methodical routine for a quicker, short cutting of practices that sees quality wane.
The thought process of deliberation enables creativity, a reluctance to look beyond the blinkers and outside the box – with consideration is I feel a flawed strategy. There comes a time of Spartan decision, move forward raising the shield of armour and stand for one’s cause of conviction or relent to the foe by dropping it, to succumb and capitulate to a doctrine that is unwise, to a degree unjust and bound to fail – no one ever said life was easy.

Friday, 30 September 2011

(US) BLOG (6 of 7)

FRI: 23 / 09 / 11: Happy Mabon:
No work ‘hoo-rah’, on this day of my focused attention of spiritual pleasure. I awoke to a lovely day; despite what the weather may be. An appropriate breakfast meal of fruit ‘n’ fibre set me up and I begin my day of peaceful ambience.
During this time of quiet reverence of no IT, TV or DVD indulgence. I start with reflection; a two hour period of mediation. It is a mental cleansing, to free up and release those negative waves and former woes, a goodbye to what was, a stock-take the day’s being and ideas for the possibilities of tomorrow – food for thought.
It is a step to free up my mind from the minuses and to seek the potential pluses ahead. I have faith that it will duly arrive – though sometimes I do wonder at what cost? For everything I feel is in balance (though not always even, or in one’s favour)
Having completed and refreshed, if not revitalised I dressed and left the home to absorb the freshness of air. It didn’t take long for me to make my way to the woodland pathways of scenic locale in order to embrace the autumnal ambience of a changing.
The leaves of Golden Brown fell from the branches as the cold breeze prised them to the ground with a starkness of force. A chill was in the air, I think the word is ‘brisk’ and there seemed to be a quieter air to the surroundings that I found myself in, lonesome wandering in a scenic greenery of an increasing nakedness of foliage and slowly flowing water. It can be stark, it can be sobering, it can be silent, although the landscape can be timeless and it is that perhaps that allows me to be at one with elemental connection.
After another pleasant period of two hours, I returned for sustenance of corn and cider then made ready my preparations for the evening’s duty in the dress of both my attire and altar decoration. Once completed, I quickly made note for the day log and took leave for the next stage in my day of faith.
Whether in solitude or in the company of like-minded others, I find solace in the ceremony of rite, though find it somewhat disappointing that the particulars of such must be made with careful planning and/or cautious invitation, for the intervention of the weak-minded and ignorant can detract from the theme; and in some cases, power that comes with the tradition of lore
Later on, as night drifted in and the Luna light shone down, I embraced in the moonlight ritual of celebration and respectful acknowledgement of the twilight moment. No need methinks, to go into the explanatory details of ritual – for they are of personal reverence and I feel be only truly appreciated by those with a genuine interest of tenet.
I leave you to draw your own conclusions, those being a testament to your character of personality I feel – Blessed Be to all

Thursday, 29 September 2011

(US) BLOG (5 of 7)

THURS: 22 / 09 / 11: My weekend starts here:
Despite the monotony of the day, I am lightened in spirit, as I feel better for the forthcoming arrival of better things to come. As the wheel turns to another calendar date of note and Mabon is upon me. The week’s toil is almost concluded, and tomorrow I can celebrate the autumnal equinox of the Northern hemisphere. A date I can enjoy with clear mind and focus; following persistent negotiation or should that be, nagging?
A degree of persuasion was needed before I was afforded leave of absence for the day. Initially, I had been denied recognition of this, my faith; I was told could not be recorded – as the system didn’t recognise it as a religion, they putting me down as having no faith (we haven’t got a box for that indeed!) I wasn’t happy
It was only when the 2010 UK census came about, and entry on the ‘official’ form I pressed this again. This time; though no doubt reluctantly they relented and my box; if not card, was marked.
Having achieved this ‘minor’ victory, I pushed further of this recognition and requested to be allowed leave to respect my credo of choice with faith days being duly noted. It seemed at first they were unsure of what to make of this and some seemingly vague questions were asked of me. Though it was in a vein of interest, I knew it was moreover a fishing exhibition into the validity of my desire. I answered accordingly with simple, honest and though not always direct retort, it was sufficient for them to accept the sincerity of my enquiry.
Though they didn’t totally capitulate, they did cede to my request; as long as I could arrange coverage on specific shifts – I’ll take that. And so my Sabbats will be enjoyed with reverence and due accord – Witch is nice.
Considering we are supposed to be a free society, built on freedom of speech and tolerance, added to that my employment of over a quarter of a century continually states the importance of diversity, they can be so choosy at when that policy is put to use.
Similarly, outside of work, when I am asked of my faith; for I do not preach, it is met with the stereotypical “oh, naked girls dancing around the campfire eh”, the reference to spells, withes brews and to the (1973 version) film of the ‘Wicker man’ – well I do confess, bar the choice of sacrifice, the ideology does have a good degree of appeal.
Regardless of the opine of individual, for we all have them, it is important to understand that whatever one’s tenet is, pomp and ceremony, simplicity and reverence – trust in the deity/deities or elemental natural environment it is a personal facet of one’s ego, and if one finds solace and comfort within it, then who can argue with the conviction of the aura.
Tomorrow, I will spend with, and in adherence to my belief and wish the best of blessings to all

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

(US) BLOG (4 of 7)

WED: 21/ 09 / 11: Ah dreams:
Well that was a dream last night that was. After entering my journal notes of the day; as per intention, it was an ‘early night’. Warm and snug under my quilt I drifted away into the mist of unreality. Gradually I slipped into the zone and embarked on my twilight journey into the unknown and the surreal events therein.
A combination cast of old school friends; looking as they did in their youth, along with current workplace colleagues mated in an environment of stark and shadowy skies, leading to scenes inside a building of gothic design, where I; and dear companion, were pursued by an enemy of dangerous nature all within in a mood of perilous thriller.
There was the obligatory water element along with the sensation of lofty height to contend with. Over the years, I have honed and toned a degree of self control that I employ in such twinkles of misty moments and keep me one step away from deadly disaster – and some say sanity balance.
Such are the typical visions of my night (sometimes day) dreams. Many, I guess, may deem these as fearful nightmares and panic reigns. For me however, they are a mix of memories, hope and fears, obstacles faced and to face, some to avoid, be wary of and maybe situations within a mirrored dimension.
Are they warnings and advisory messages perhaps? Purely speculation of course, my view is of these images, is that they are of such witch need to have a degree of interaction with – the mind is quite capable of coping, we are just out of practice. Though it may not be divine destiny, then surely it is of curious interest and requires some pondering of reason?
I know there are several books of reference that what can mull through, that offer different and; some say alternate opinions of explanation, but I feel that one can only find the answers from the inner reflection that comes from profound deliberation of the self – or is that just me then?
Ah well, a subject so complex and speculative, maybe the reasons behind the R.E.M. of slumber are best left to the imagination, and let us not forget that when they come in a spectrum illusion of fantasy is there anything better? Seems like a there are some questions that one doesn’t really want to fine a definite rationalisation of. My advice is to sleep well and embrace without fear, remember we all have angels of guardianship.
As for the rest of the day, - well not much of note. It couldn’t really be better than ones abandonment of inhibition and contemplation of what I personally consider as enlightenment. It went surprisingly quickly and though I tried to stay awake as long as; for that I feel enables a quick doze off, and quicker to capture the microbes of mystical magic, it was back to bed onto and into a lifestyle that me seems better, long ago, in a galaxy, far, far away

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

(US) BLOG (3 of 7)

TUES: 20 /09/11:Being a cared and caring neighbour:
It was hardly a ‘Good day Sunshine’, though the weather could have been worse. It was after all only an overcast morning, though another day at the office (one sighs). Once showered, shaved and dressed and with work beckoning ‘for the sake of the bills’ I complied with my duty. Following an eight (and a bit) hour stint I returned from an uninteresting and uneventful day to a bit of a treat; of minor degree that is, though - I gotta love my neighbours.
Freshly cut grass and hedge trimming gardening assistance greeting my arrival - Debbie and Graham had been hard at it. Then after I had changed I was coming down the stairs a knock on the door saw me greet Joe who; with Angie provided me with some Mexican food; that they had made in excess. I was happy to take it though it would have to wait until tomorrow night’s tea; for I was already halfway through a meal of bacon and cheese baguette snack.
I have to say I feel fortunate to have such nice people around me. One can easily find themselves if not surrounded by, then certainly within a community that doesn’t really socialise. There is a difference I feel, between being in the pockets of others and stifling with an over familiarity that intrudes into one’s life, and the common courtesy, genuine care and friendliness that always seem usual these days - what a shame that is and indeed how sad that the norm seems so to be.
Too often I can be the cynic, looking out on those whose misbehaviour grabs the attention over the meek and mild, I must try to do better!
I am a great believer that we should all do with a bit of reflective realisation and appreciate that which we take for granted and indeed sorely missed in its absence. After all we all work and indeed live better together in harmony. Too often these days; maybe because of the society we have allowed to take moral charge, there is an air of suspicion abound.
We should all, do better!
After I completed my snack “Dad’s Taxi” was put to use, as I took my daughter back to ‘Mum’s house. Though she loves me of course, I haven’t got the Sports channel she was hoping for, and although she said she wouldn’t mind missing the game, parents always know when their children mean other things – it’s part of the role requirement/job specification. A half hour round trip took me there and back again, and I could unwind in the comfort of familiar abode albeit in solo mode Tuesday is for me usually a bit of a dead night, and now with a lack of company it was an early trip up the wooden steps to blanket fair the normal action, a shame that one wishes away the hours, still ah the slumber world of escapism can be imaginative fun and spiritual re-invigoration – time to “Dream on”

Monday, 26 September 2011

(US) BLOG (2 of 7)

My second entry, made on a day when I return to work from a weekend of relaxation, contemplation and relief, it sees a degree of reluctance to adhere to the requirements of the day – for who likes a Monday morning, and go back to work where the appreciation for contributory endeavour is in short supply? And more to the point who wants to talk about it? For unless it is filled with a spectrum of creative content that rewards, there is much of a muchness about any job. In my position and role there is I fear, too much contradictory discretion and direction around to feel any kind of value for ones efforts
MON: 19/09/11: Monday moaning:
The Six o’clock alas did ring, I “woke up, got out of bed, I dragged a comb across my head” - as I guess we all do, unless it’s the weekend of course when the mop upon one’s head flows in more of a natural abandonment of flow – just me then? With little time prior to the commencement of my employment of necessity, I partook of a brief breakfast and then was off the local shops to purchase the fresh produce needed to watch my figure – watching it is one thing keeping it trim is another. As the years pass and the arthritis increases, the physical exertion is restrictive and takes its toll on the body once firm and streamlined – it happens I’m afraid to us all.
After changing into appropriate attire I take the short car drive to work and therein perform the duties of the day. Well enough of that, work is work and I’m out of there now
On completion of such, I arrived back at home in the darkness of night ass autumnal nights draw in, and which doesn’t really inspire one to start projects of physical production – I just don’t like this week’s shift hours, whilst there is still time to relax yes, but for housework attention? It is a drag when there is only myself to stir into action – roll on the week end.
Daughter number two (of two) however, fresh from her camp counselling duty in Minneapolis USA, stayed with me last night, and during the day as I worked, so did she, and I came home to a nice clean house with dinner prepared within the fridge that just needed a warming up. Leaving me a missive of information to read (to show she had her eye on me and) of her next expected visit. I stripped off my dress of the day into the comfort of t-shirt and shorts and to unwind with my cup of tea, I clicked on U-Tube for a background of melody, and noted my muse of log on the site of hip, before embracing the fantasy of the Inter-web, I do think that such fancy is needed to rid one’s thoughts of the days mundane. And so finally, I’m off to the land of slumber and to dream of better things

Sunday, 25 September 2011

A WEEK OF MY (US) BLOG (1 of 7)

Recently I was invited to participate in a diary journal on the U.S. forum of Hippie theme that I write upon. A site where maturity is monitored, as the adult subject matters range from Love, Religion, Politics, Personal issues; as well as Games, Random thoughts and of course ‘Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll’, They are discussed in an open and honest manner, and though I may be biased, both informative and educational
I have in the past, split my entries on different forums, different blogs, indeed across the World (WW) if not “Across the Universe” maybe it is a time to share my thoughts upon this ‘personal’ Blog? For the purpose of this particular exercise, the entries; in diary form, span the last seven days leading up to (and a day) the Mabon Autumnal equinox; one of my faith days of Pagan origin. Perhaps more muse than comment I begin with:-
SUN: 18/09/11: Small Beginnings:
They say Giant Oaks from little acorns grow. If that be the case, maybe we should all grasp the opportunity to share with others thoughts and beliefs with our own small but personal contributions having merit? We all have stories, tales and experiences that we can share with others free of cynical criticism, surely?
I have always held the view, to share rather than store up and be frustrated is better for the soul and spirit of the self, though there are times when the noted quotation “better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt” comes to mind. I’m confident in my conviction.
If everyone adhered to the belief that to say nothing would see improvement and development, then progress would be stifled and nothing would get done, for status quo sees stagnation. One must remember there are no bad ideas, just impractical ones – and as I tell my Grand Daughter “to dream, is to fly”
A log in electronic form allows one to state feelings, beliefs and muses of the day. There are times when words do not tell the story, or in haste expressions of passion may in hindsight have wanted more deliberation, though are we all not prone to the frailties of human nature? and to err is so human.
Emotions are the feelings of the heart and may not necessarily be what others wish to hear but show I feel, a purity of opine and as such shows integrity to the self. There may be times when consideration should be the watchword of the cautious, but that may not be the underlying honesty required for the contentment of the inner soul.
In this modern day age of 8 day, 24.7 lifestyle, expression is both good for the release of frustration and allows an exertion of one’s negative woes
One only hopes that the spirit of freedom is embraced and within the text there can be a message that can be appreciated; if not agreed with by others. “Write On”

Friday, 23 September 2011

MABON 2011

Another festival is upon us, with the autumn equinox arriving to draw in the nights, when the planet obtains a near balance of day and night, of lightness and the dark in equal measure. It is another time of reflecting back and planning forward, finishing projects, planting the seeds for new enterprises – as ever, the world turns.
I allow myself escape from the day’s conventional acceptability and at one with myself in mental as well as physical being. As I set myself for a period of evaluation, I settle into a mode of ease that, whilst meaning the housework, organisation of utility and other administrative records are left uncompleted, it allows clarity of soul/sole satisfaction.
Dear Persephone comes to mind when the legend of myth is recalled, due to the consequence of action forced on Demeter by the deceit of Hades; inadvertently causing the wheel of seasonal cycle to turn. It is a reminder that there are consequences to any actions, and the gifts that are offered to us are not always fruit witch refreshes, they can be a vessels of brewed deceit.
With the warmth of season passing into the cool before the cold, I set out my table draped in appropriate cover of respect along with tools of due regard. I light the candles of Gold and Brown colour, put into position autumnal leaves and items of opposite attraction. Added to this I place the fruit of apple along with vegetable squash of past beside the various seeds and grape of future, acknowledging the passing of the moment and the hope of tomorrows glory. Then there are the practical tools of usage, from the scythe to the trowel all are relevant to the concept of the day. Finally, I position the vine of grape and grain of sustenance to partake with due reverence and with careful adornment; for the hospitality of others, if appropriate, is key for the sharing of experience, and if not, then the facet of OCD becomes evident.
The Harvest moon shines down its Luna light of Moonbeam, and I can’t help feeling awe and aura of fulfilment. The solitude of solace allows an attuning of connection. As I prepare for the ritual of thanksgiving, I sit in quiet contemplation. The last period has seen good times, bad times, incidents and events, though despite the foreboding of realisation, along with the lack of expected progress and comfort, the fact is, I have to consider myself fortunate to be able to retain my conviction of conscience within an increasingly sceptical world. As time passes there is greater self- appreciation of days gone by, whether in this or the shadow world witch I find myself in.
Honouring both the darkness and light is required as one acknowledges the importance of natures balance. It is methinks, more relevant in these days of 24/7 commercialisation and greed to be mindful and show due relevance to lore –for I do believe that our future has to be based on a foundation of remembrance of days gone before, both for kin, community and indeed the self.
And so I embrace in the moonlight ritual of celebration and respectful acknowledgement of the twilight moment. Whilst the accompaniment of others would be a welcome change – maybe a past sin is to bemoan the lack of?
No need methinks, to go into the explanatory details of ritual – for they are of personal reverence and only I feel be appreciated by those with a genuine interest of tenet – those willing to learn can/will make their own enquiries through appropriate channels – for one can always ask

Thursday, 1 September 2011


Returning from Glasto to the outskirts of my home town at ‘La Shaw’ I sense a change in the air. Whilst away at the land of Avalon I was within the zone, there I was able to reflect upon a number of things that had weighed within my conscience of curiosity - things other than the norm.
I had the opportunity to engage with several folk of similar mindset, and felt comfortable in both tempo and tone of the conversations I held with them. There is something gratifying in being able to relate to those with philosophy of mood, action and causes that are akin to that of one’s ego, it gives a sense of unity of process; if not unification of opinion.
Now back at my abode of the moment, I feel confidence in expanding upon such good beginnings, and look to venture out with purpose to places and goals anew. I aim to explore such avenues in a vein that I compare to the unwrapping of a mysterious gift, the layers of witch I am discovering more to questions of, than answers to - but isn’t that a worthwhile target of significance to strive to obtain in order to enable the development of both the self, and indeed maybe; in time, a general consensus of opine?
Opening my ‘book of face’, I read replies from messages sent prior to leaving. After doing so with due deliberation, I decided to plan out a direction to my future; albeit that witch may see me once again out in the countryside of a land that many deem make believe – although we all have to find ourselves somewhere ‘over the rainbow’ for peace of mind I feel.
To that end, a degree of self-discipline is called for. In order to pursue another pathway, I decided that to be the pro-active pursuit of academic recognition in creative writing.
With one and a quarter books of poetry already written, a number of stories part written and lots of notes, I have at least contents of draft material, so perhaps now is the time to advance further with these projects, and in the completion of relevant units, find the attainment of such to be rewarding.
Despite assurances to the contrary, the absence of support when it was most needed, leads me to take a solo, some say selfish focus. The realisation that support that I had been desperate to attain, is like that of a lottery win, there in hope and forlorn anticipation, so a different tract is required in order to attempt a satisfactory, if not total, contentment, methinks.
After a short trip to the library to ascertain course availabilities, I eventually arrived at a location of advice that was quite helpful. However, therein I established that recent reductions in public service funding, now see fewer opportunities in ‘adult’ education being made available and Open University the place to enquire within, with usage of distance learning an option. I suppose failing that, there is always the magazine options where financial recompense something to consider.
Like a lot of writers I guess, once engrossed in the mode of verse or essay, emotion can take over. I find my own historical experience always a good reference for me to draw upon; though with a degree of ‘touching up’ perhaps (imaginative license always comes into that of a good tale, yarn or such like) and illusions are I find less restraining and another useful aspect to utilise in the depiction of the word of text – hmm, maybe the phrase “be afraid, be very afraid” comes to mind?

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The day I enjoyed the Lughnasadh /Lammas

The wheel turns to point to Lughnasadh, another of the Sabbats, that of Lugh; deity of pagan descent. A respite for refreshment and rejuvenation, as those warm lazy summer days begin to wane, the breeze in the air changes direction and a time to store away our fruits in preparation for the cooler, darker nights of winter. The first harvest of the year reaped afore taking a step closer to the autumn quarter.
The main focus of the day is of cultivation, reaping that which has been sowed. In whatever quantity, it should be encouraged – from a field to a garden, allotment to window box, all is relevant and indeed equally fulfilling.
Irish lore celebrates with beano - bonfires, dancing and games, an invitation for the old and young to join together in an atmosphere of friendship and of love shared.
Indeed within Gaelic folklore, there is ritual of hand fasting (in modern terms an engagement of betrothal, lasting a year and a day) an act of a mutual respect that is quite reasonable though maybe the original tradition somewhat debatable; being somewhat of a blind lottery. Still, definite courtships before a suitable pairing entered into does have a deliberate structure about it, and to be fair, no other way is fool proof it seems.
For me, my faith has always been; out of circumstance, embraced in solo mode. Not for many a time gone by has there been a substantial kinship of spiritual collaboration, though we all are individualist in our choice of praise.
I started with a gentle walk though my local countryside, an amble of about 5 miles. Taking me from buildings and houses to serene countryside to a hostelry of olde ale and relaxed ambience, allowing me to absorb, in both calm and uplifting manner, it is always a welcome respite from the day’s convention.
I strode out into a warm atmosphere though it wasn’t long before there was a brief shower of refreshment.
A downpour lasted ten minutes before abating, and then the aroma of freshness filed the air and with gentle breeze to accompany the still warmth. I continued on my way along a path that I have trod many times.
Picturesque beauty can be found in the most unlikeliest of places and whatever mood the climate takes, it is always a good day.
Time passes as wheels turn, and I see the olde farmhouse that used to be a hive of activity now derelict, almost overgrown by greenery, I reflected upon the knowledge that nature is always on the march to restore what was and what will invariably be again, though memories of yesterday will always remain like ghosts in the wind.
As I near my destination along now defunct roads, I passed by the small cemetery, a respectful recognition for those who had given their all in defence of freedom. I noted the gate slightly ajar, and; as is the rule when out in rural setting, closed it with reverence.
Arriving at the Inn, I purchased liquid refreshment, removed my shoes, sat in the open air and enjoying the view watched the mechanical birds fly in and out whilst unwinding my cares away.
Barring the gentle rumbling of aircraft and playful banter of children the air was peaceful and I could have drifted into deeper slumber, however there was still more to do this day – l still it was a good three hour period of muse.
I reluctantly rose dressed and returned for my next phase of my duties of the day.
Arriving at my abode of desire, I set out my fare of choice; traditionally loaf mass or Lammas, adorned with fruits and green vegetables, I placed out some freshly made bread along with apple and grapes, carrot, spinach and added a small concoction of alcoholic and natural mixture for self sustenance and what was to be shared with others; even though such sharing was with that of shadows.
I set my altar with 5ive crystals of aura – selection of the stones pertaining to any ritual is I feel is key to the invocation of required spiritual assistance.
A quiet setting of peace, I sit within a haze of incense of Aloe, Rose and Sandalwood to meditate and in semi-silence reach out and within, in order to complete my respectful acknowledgement of what has been, and in hope of what may be. For in reality, however bad we may feel life has treated us, there is always something to be grateful of.
With words of relevance I speak my verse with favoured mantra before partaking more of my nourishment. After completing my small but personal ritual; and in order to recuperate from it – I settle down for contemplation
Meditation plays a significant part in my interpretation of faith and I feel I have attained a degree of mental and spiritual growth - though when do we ever cease from growing? Whilst we may pause for a while, it is only to get another wind and to focus on future development – educational evolution is not only a right, but a duty, and for those of receptive desire, it is a responsibility to pass on, not through incitement, but with word, image and deed it is in this where this philosophy inspires. It is then possible, completion of any work gives satisfaction though for me it only seems a chapter’s end and the book goes on.
Reflection gives a good grounding for the next step of our journey, be it in unity with others of like minded faith or for others, solitude, alone but not lonely – for one is never truly alone with faith.
Lammas is a good time to ponder past and then move on from what has been, planning for the next stage of the road we travel
With the final passage of events completed, I end the day with the words of lore “Blessed be to all”

Monday, 25 July 2011

College Conclusion

Attending a course amidst a selection of people one is unfamiliar with can seem a deal daunting, although as the phrase goes, “Strangers are only friends we have yet to meet” - soon we were strangers no more. A happy band of brothers and sisters committed to the cause of conviction within a state of Union.
A compilation of gender, sex and faith, our cosmopolitan mix of ingredients stirred by our tutor Vicky, showed as well as being a fine educator, she had the creative skills of a fine barmaid able to blend an enjoyable cocktail whilst also capable to extinguish any flames of discontent in an appropriate manner.
It took me back to my schooldays, happy delight and teachings anew, all that was missing was the uniform, maybe that’s another story?
Leading the way were the NWAS boys, soon establishing themselves upon the naughty table.
Whilst Dave the younger tried to show a degree of restraint, it was a challenge with the twins creating mischief. Rai with his large Tuba always entertained, along with Brother Dave, they contributed with wonder their vocal delights to perform, orations of intoxication (as for the Jagerbombs – well that too is another story)
The delightful Kirsty, dazzling Dazza and Wolverine Nick along with Alex; an astute tactician against the tier of managerial strategy, ensured we were appraised on the continuing industrial actions of the PCS, more than ever a theme of relevance.
Team GMP worked in Unison in order to follow the way of the Force to “make it work”.
Paul a studious fellow, employed in the local Hostelry of Manchester fame and Andy, another musician within the group, a communicator of the community, whose straight talking ensured attention to any topic in hand, whereas for my part, I was happy to take the lead on vocal presentation – which was a reliability of time filling or should that be killing of empty space.
Also in this category group Claire represented the NHS with eloquence and passion in the causes she believed in, along with Barbara; who felt however, that being in Unison did not always show an alignment of Unite
The USDAW team adopted the mode of “tell it like it is” Akil’s choice phrases cutting straight to the chase, whilst Matt’s selection of members he surveyed, was quite a humorous though understandable decision to make.
A classroom of fellows that complemented each other, a balance of fun and conviction – I felt fortunate to be a part, a piece of a jigsaw that together was scene to behold?!?
Far too soon the course completed and the group dispersed. With hope that contact will be retained, like school or one’s last job, the intention to do so does tend in time to wane. Were it not for the social networking site that allows contact; be it electronic, to continue, then maybe? At least there is an opportunity to do so. Time will tell though, even so, whilst it lasted it was both stimulating and satisfying.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Birthday thoughts:

Yesterday it was my birthday: As I enter the next age of life’s journey, another opportunity to pause and reflect। Following a period that has seen personal disappointment, along with negative progress and process within my workplace. I feel a fresh impetus is upon me. Time; some may say belatedly, to cast off the cloak of defensive protection and replace it with a Spartan shield of resolution.
A more focused intent on future days may seem to be somewhat selfish, though one does themselves justice if they are not true to their credo.
Detachment of emotional need may hurt the heart, though who knows what can be gained when striving with conviction of character to reach the goals of one’s principles. After this weekend’s trip to the nation’s capital; where I marched with conviction with others of similar mindset, in a walk of civil disobedience. There was a sense of minor awe and excitement seeing what lots of individuals could accomplish together and for the achievement of a goal. If not the smell, then certainly there was an odour of rebellion in the air – a sense of feeling that intoxicated, it felt good.
The projection of one’s true persona of should be there for others to view and not necessarily Judge It is a trait I feel to be essential in the character of a person. Though it may well be flawed, who can justifiably say that honesty is to be criticised.
Another facet of reflection is that one considers what has been, that although time moves on, the hopes and aspiration of youth is replaced with experience and determination.
For the reality of true Hippies is that that though they may fade away, their influence in shadow will endure, ever present and to return to remind whenever there is a need.
I feel, more of an effort needed by us all to contribute to, and for a better future. I know that having one’s principles can often lead to a decrease in the number of ‘friends’ thereabouts. Still, the road to enlightenment is often a solitary one.
To hold to ones tenet becomes more important as one gets older – and “to thine self be true” a more poignant matter of consideration, and after all looking into the mirrors image should show an image of pride and not shame.
The pace of speed may change, but the wheel will always turn – "onward ever onward"

Sunday, 20 March 2011

A time of Spring Equinox:

Last night whilst walking home from my local shops, I looked to the sky, my attention drawn to the size, tone of colour and enticement of our protective satellite.
Looming large and low on the horizon, the light mustard and White colour of the vision cradled by greyish cloud was a sight to behold, holding an aura of mystique that always has a particular significance for me, especially at this time of year.
Here is a time when I take leave of absence for the end and beginning of the year, to reflect upon the past period, and to consider what the future may hold.
The previous cycle; and one that has seen the end of my first age, has seen me deal with a number of issues that have tested my patience, restraint and emotional resolve.
In the past, it has been that I slipped into bouts of depressive mood and suffered under the influence of negative factors, although this time – not.
Consideration as one gets older, is that less of a fury, and more of an acceptance of those betrayers of trust of whose heart one had laid their trust and security was thought to be safe in.
They are charlatans of love, overseers that dispassionately dispose of loyalty, and those who wallow in the falsehood of friendship. They cannot help their persona however, and it is they who will have to answer in, and at their end, it is moreover a realisation of the failings and indeed misfortune of these others.
It is not to say that such acceptance is one that is done with resignation - it is alternatively an observation that requires more of awareness than concern – for the world is cosmopolitan in its make-up.
The year was not a total loss of confidence, in the belief and indeed, in the character of my fellow man. There were times of note. and those that with slight of word and generous nature who inspired with complement and encouragement. Not so strange perhaps is that in, and at times of adversity, there is a light that will always endure at these times.
From a personal viewpoint, by way of support and reliability, and in the greater sense of a universal comprehension of meaning that we all at some time seek
Added to this, is the fortitude of my ego, and a freshness of focus to overcome adversity, giving peace of mind and a calmness of contentment, this enablement will allow an improvement in mind, body and soul.
Back to the roots has always been within me, as it is within us all, and the success of the future has always relied upon the truth of the past.
Despite the lack of feminine Terra, this Green Man will tomorrow be completing the ritual of planting and trust in that from this seed, a greater future of innovation, developmental advancement and adventurous freedom will bloom from it.
For a better tomorrow, one must always be optimistic and have faith
Peace + LoveProtest + ProtectSave the Planet