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The Man behind the Mask
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My Girls
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Friday, 26 June 2009

Birthday Belle

This week saw the birthday of the eldest of my two Angels. I find it difficult to accept that over a quarter of a century has passed since she burst into the world with glorious sunshine – but it is.
With no small measure of self-confidence, she has always been quite focused in the direction she wished to take, and for the main part she has been correct in her personal judgements.
Her optimistic nature, along with good strength of character, has seen her fill most of her life with, in no short measure, with a good degree of excitement.
She has always been bold, whether it is the antics of exhilarating holidays or successful career development, the attainment of a fun and fulfilled life seems frequently to have been achieved, and it is this that gives me the contentment that I feel all parents desire for their children.
She seems to have taken up this attitude as one of the positive aspects of the 24/7 tempo of the World in which we live in today. It could also be that with the freshness that youth have today, she is more successful in immersing herself than I was able to (though to be fair the avenues of opportunity are also wider) and is in no way a criticism.
Though children can exasperate, the exuberance of youth is something that should be nurtured and not contained or restricted - for it is this approach that I do believe, is the best hope for the future.
To seize and make the most of each day with vigour and enthusiasm will make tomorrows memories of yesterday more treasured.
May ever so, she continue to shine with such characteristics.

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