The Man behind the Mask

The Man behind the Mask
However, - As Alice will tell you - What you see is not necessarily - What you get !

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Sunday, 28 June 2009

“ Aint No Sunshine ”

The tragic passing of one of the brightest stars of show business, possibly the greatest of the modern day era, set off an emotional reaction that is seldom seen today. An enigmatic creative genius that graced the panoramic skyline with such musical melody, able to reach out and mean so much Worldwide with ground breaking imagery of sound, vision, fashion and dance.
He leaves behind a loss that crosses international boundaries, colours, creeds / races and religions, felt not just by fans but by any honest observer of great artistic innovation.
From the cartoon/ popcorn beginning; - quite aptly with the educational (?) “A.B.C.” Dancing through the charts - “Blaming it on the Boogie” - to the “Thriller” masterpiece of musical video, which set the tone and placed the benchmark that now typified in the images seen on the MTV Channels today.
The ultra on-stage professionalism and perfection that was continually sought; in no short measure by himself, came at a price, and despite the love and adulation of many, there always seemed to be a tormented and tortured soul behind the mask of public performance
Changes are inevitable in life, usually it is along the lines of a structure that allows immaturity to experience, to consideration and then an identification of persona. Becoming an adult at 6 years old, continuing workload and expectancy for decades afterwards, along with other mental and physical contributory factors; particularly throughout ones formative years has to have some lasting effect (doesn’t it?)
Only those who have experienced it can have an understanding of the true consequences of such. “Leave me alone” was a song that could easily be interpreted as a plea from a hurt; if not broken heart – in the only way he felt he could communicate such (?) Perhaps these were some of the reasons that moulded the characteristics of one whose personal nature was seemingly filled with frustration.
Though always trying to channel through love rather than hate, it could be that this innocent vulnerability led him into many positions where greater guidance, advice and mentoring should have been sought and employed. Trust and so-called friendship seems have been used, abused and ending up with a betrayal of confidence that gave rise to a more critical if no cynical view of the World of today – as if it were seen through the eyes and indeed the mind of a child – honest though at times very naive
But some of the music did have a maturity of observation to it. How often do we take a look at the “Man in the mirror”, not just visually but within our heart and soul to examine our conviction of conscience?
Do we consider sufficiently how we can “Heal the World”? Will we heed the lyrics of the “Earth song” and adhere to the philosophy of * Peace + Love - Save the Planet * before it is too late?
Prophetic words that were conveyed, wrapped in melodious communication for all, in the hope that understanding can be achieved and meaningful acts progressed
When one disappears into the Black hole of unknown void, it can’t help but be wondered of what boundless, infinite possibilities that lie within its structure and its substance beyond.
Whatever faith that is ones chosen credo, it is I feel the hope that wherever the pathway leads to, it will be a more serene and pleasant land. ‘A land of ‘make believe’? A ‘Neverland’ for the Peter Pan that lies within the inner soul of all Earths’ children perhaps?
At a time like this, when such an iconic figure passes over, one who has played a part in so many lives, I find that studious reflection enlightens, and “looking through the windows” is never enough to know the true price to be paid for one whose only goal, it seemed (no matter if you are “Black or White”) was to try to make others “Happy” – R.I.P. - M.J.

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