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The Man behind the Mask
However, - As Alice will tell you - What you see is not necessarily - What you get !

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I think of myself as a Hippie, your opinion is noted for sure. I’m not lazy or dirty or weird, + I know not if there is a cure. I live my life as I do wish to, you may not be my number 1 fan. But I have my beliefs and my feelings, allow me them if you so can. Peace Justice + freedom are uppermost, in the mental list I have in my head.I am not for oppression + violence, my opinion, I feel, must be said. Don’t mock as I sit with my flowers, cut out all those jibes at my dress. Don’t treat me with contempt + with fury, it’s the World that is sat in a mess. I know I annoy you with questions, I know that you wish me away. But I’m here to stay + I promise, if you listen then you’ll realise one day. I am not full of hot air + rubbish, there are remedies that can be found. But we must work together, as comrades + work out the ideas that are sound. If you don’t + you shun me forever, don’t take in the things that I say. I’ll sympathise + continue to irritate, + always I'll remain so this way.

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My Girls
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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Passing On

When a loved one leaves us, passing on and over into that which is beyond, it is only natural that we feel the deep hurting that such a loss brings with it, for it is that space which is left, that there lies a void nigh impossible to fill. The deep wounding at the moment in time cannot be truly felt by any but the individual themselves, and no matter how genuine and sincere the sentiments are, few words can fully repair the heart. It is down to those that remain, to provide a stability of support to those who feel such pain. Whilst the grieving process can take different forms, I am quite sure that it is with ‘happy thoughts’ rather than regret, that those who loved and were loved wish to be remembered, and is important to keep hold of those memories with cherished positivity.
Even in a comparatively short period, one can make a connection with someone who can inspire so much and able to strike up an immediate and mutual friendship, regardless of age, sex or ...language!
I am confident that those whom we have made such a connection with, will always be there for all those who cared, and even if it is in the shadow-world of semi-focus, that with regular positive recollection of the new Angel of spiritual guidance, they will ensure that their aura will forever remain in the heart and minds of all who either knew, or knew of them, and bear part of the burden when the agents of darkness conspires against one.
Special people are so, not necessarily because of the explosive impact that they make upon specific instances, but moreover it is because of their consistency। Those, who with a steadfast character of reliability, confidence and trust; along with a support through adversity, will always shine. Such qualities emanate from an inner soul that is based on conviction of conscience. In the short time that you know certain people, there can be such a connection that inspires such confidence – so even when the passing on process does occur, it is also a passing over into a new realm of dimension – and their spirit will be there always.
Champagne and strawberries are indeed nice, though most of the time you can’t beat, a pint...and a Pork pie!

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