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The Man behind the Mask
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My Girls
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Monday, 25 July 2011

College Conclusion

Attending a course amidst a selection of people one is unfamiliar with can seem a deal daunting, although as the phrase goes, “Strangers are only friends we have yet to meet” - soon we were strangers no more. A happy band of brothers and sisters committed to the cause of conviction within a state of Union.
A compilation of gender, sex and faith, our cosmopolitan mix of ingredients stirred by our tutor Vicky, showed as well as being a fine educator, she had the creative skills of a fine barmaid able to blend an enjoyable cocktail whilst also capable to extinguish any flames of discontent in an appropriate manner.
It took me back to my schooldays, happy delight and teachings anew, all that was missing was the uniform, maybe that’s another story?
Leading the way were the NWAS boys, soon establishing themselves upon the naughty table.
Whilst Dave the younger tried to show a degree of restraint, it was a challenge with the twins creating mischief. Rai with his large Tuba always entertained, along with Brother Dave, they contributed with wonder their vocal delights to perform, orations of intoxication (as for the Jagerbombs – well that too is another story)
The delightful Kirsty, dazzling Dazza and Wolverine Nick along with Alex; an astute tactician against the tier of managerial strategy, ensured we were appraised on the continuing industrial actions of the PCS, more than ever a theme of relevance.
Team GMP worked in Unison in order to follow the way of the Force to “make it work”.
Paul a studious fellow, employed in the local Hostelry of Manchester fame and Andy, another musician within the group, a communicator of the community, whose straight talking ensured attention to any topic in hand, whereas for my part, I was happy to take the lead on vocal presentation – which was a reliability of time filling or should that be killing of empty space.
Also in this category group Claire represented the NHS with eloquence and passion in the causes she believed in, along with Barbara; who felt however, that being in Unison did not always show an alignment of Unite
The USDAW team adopted the mode of “tell it like it is” Akil’s choice phrases cutting straight to the chase, whilst Matt’s selection of members he surveyed, was quite a humorous though understandable decision to make.
A classroom of fellows that complemented each other, a balance of fun and conviction – I felt fortunate to be a part, a piece of a jigsaw that together was scene to behold?!?
Far too soon the course completed and the group dispersed. With hope that contact will be retained, like school or one’s last job, the intention to do so does tend in time to wane. Were it not for the social networking site that allows contact; be it electronic, to continue, then maybe? At least there is an opportunity to do so. Time will tell though, even so, whilst it lasted it was both stimulating and satisfying.

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