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The Man behind the Mask
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Saturday, 19 September 2009

Autumn Reflection

The Autumn Equinox dawns, and as the Summers Sun begins its semi-hibernation, the Moons’ influence rises with significance and clinical clarity, a vision of Luna in her glory – is there a better sight?
The season passes. As it does, I take up a time of reflection, of thanks of what has been and, as the man of Wicker suggests, in reverence and hope for a better future. Each of us makes an assessment of the recent past (for greater reflection is for tomorrow) and in doing so, it clears the mind of waste and allows a greater opportunity for creative expansion.
The tidal ebb should have changed direction for all of us within the last period; it is only the degree of which it does that is subjective. For me, the wind, if not tidal wave, of change has seen an exploration into the unknown, a leap of faith with consequences that could well be panoramic – (the relevance of pan, within that last sentence, so close to ones heart)
Along with this comes the Harvest Moon, and according to myth, the Wolf Spirit sings to it, maybe it is that which sees the hairs on my back stand on end? Whilst Wolves howl – I lament, though not in sorrow, for I do like these times of consideration, it allows me to dismiss / discard all the negativity that was, and like proverbial broom sweeping out all that was bad a’ yesterday, it clears the way for pathways and indeed adventures anew - it is a time I use in a positive manner to “Ramble on”.
Tomorrows’ journey into the next period of life seems not to be as has been in the past. With confidence I step with purpose and hand in hand, onward and upwards.
Also comes the time of the Green Knight of lore, his duty to embrace and gather in the natural energy of the wood, before reclining upon his podium of observation until Yule, when he rests in peaceful slumber until May.
We should all take the time to feel his aura; as he sucks in the power of the forest before the King of Oak slips in to lay claim to the Wintertime Months, and appreciate what is around for nature is our greatest gift of hereditary life, ever the wheel turns - now to find me an Apple - for the feast of Avalon is nigh.
* Peace + Love ~ Save the Planet *

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