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The Man behind the Mask
However, - As Alice will tell you - What you see is not necessarily - What you get !

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Friday, 6 April 2012

GHOSTS: (Spirts of ages past?) - REVIEW

Ghosts, the spiritual shadows that flow into and out of our lives - seen by many, though not generally accepted as images of reality. They are a subject of consideration that has been with me throughout my years - I wonder if this is a personal view or that witch others can relate to.
The senses attune to soft voices, visions of day and night dream, the electric touch of objects animate and otherwise, the taste of aromatic reminiscence; that if not experience then a mental connection felt of undefined reason = "Welcome to my world"
Looking outside the box presents an opportunity to consider many alternate explanations, indeed as it is true for many other things.
I believe these spiritual shadows are always with us, though seen with varying degrees of understanding. The  majority view being that they are images of yesteryear, those of lost souls, figures that bemoan their position of situ, wailing, haunting and projecting their hurting to others that find themselves in feared state at or within particular locales of fatal past.
Messages of communication however, I feel come in many forms, whilst many see them as messengers of the dark, carrying with them warnings or omens of doom - that belief is for those who take the negative view of convention. I am one who believes that convention is for the masses, and not the pathway road of witch I like or wish to travel.  
Comprehending the "existence" of Spiritual 'Ghosts' requires taking a leap of faith, and by doing so will offer
more avenues of theological explanation. For instance:-
- Are they time travellers? Slightly out of sync with the rest of time's moments?
- Are they 'Aliens'? Deliberately, or not, their visage clouded in uncertainty?
- Are they images of our own creation?
- What we wish for, fear, or are resigned to believe is fated to be?
> Perhaps the most spiritual of explanations, is that they are Angels, of White, Black and Grey persona's - there to advise, warn and afford alternative options outside of what is the expected norm?
> The Shadow knights, there to be utilised as/when appropriate?
It could be said they are agents that act upon the deeds of our past, and may well see relevant consequence, though an alternate viewpoint; though equally valid, is that our spirits guide us, offering an appropriate form of aid/assistance, support and direction.
Do we not all; when calling upon and/to invoke ones' spirits of choice, experience a sense of aura in shadow form that are seen only in the R.E.M. of optical observation?
Whatever is ones individual viewpoint and/or understanding it is more important to embrace and question than to be ignorant of their standing and meanings - and done so without fear; either of the subject matter or opine.
So without, great trepidation, I feel the question has to be asked,"Is there anyone there"?

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