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The Man behind the Mask
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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Being out of step is cool

A week when I am disappointed in the way work puts the emphasis on figures and not fact. As a record keeper by profession, I find that when the targets imposed, are based on identifying only the anomalies that are acknowledged by automotive recognition and not human experience, does not sit well, and is; I feel fundamentally wrong. In order to hit a target that is based on an expectancy of reliability and not a calculation of judgement, will see errors of consequence that many just do not see. I guess it’s my Fool on the hill self-analysis. Having said that however, being out of step with everyone else means that one sees, hears and feels that witch others do not (have the capacity to) see. That is and has been my credo throughout the years despite (or maybe because of) the feeling of being ostracised by that Witch is deemed the normality of generalisation.
Back on Earth - following the planned progress of the Metro-link transportation (Blog 23/10/11 relates) the subsequent local road and utility works saw a period of seven days without Gas – meaning no hot water, central heating and hob. Apparently the water men dug into the Gas pipe, flooding it and cutting off supply to 1499 homes and myself. Fortunately, the electric shower, oven and microwave came to my rescue, and inconvenience replaced total incapacity – still, a reminder of how reliance on modern technology can be; well if not flawed, then taken too much for granted.
With time ticking down to 30th November, the mechanism of momentum is moving towards the momentous movement of the many. The results of balloting from an ever increasing number of disillusioned angry girls and boys, sees the unison of union people in the nursing, teaching and public sectors (to name just three industries) showing their discontent and commitment to a cause that will affect both those within and without workers representation, and will have a significant affect of all in future years. The day of action; should there is no Government u-turn, will see the first national strike in many years. The realisation of the work longer, pay more and receive less; when one needs it most at pensionable age, is something that affects all those unprotected by ‘ring-fenced’ schemes that applies to MPs and high ranking Governments posts, and is strikingly evident. As one who remembers ‘back in the day’ protests, I muse if this is a throwback to when people realised the power they had, and used it effectively.
As the phrase goes, “United we stand divided we fall”. There are rumours of counter actions to this rebellion which; if recent events have pointed to, will result in forceful retaliation. I doubt if they will be as severe as those employed elsewhere in the world, however, one never can tell – though it will be interesting to see how that would pan out with those who reside within their ranks to see what that would be – time will tell.

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