The Man behind the Mask

The Man behind the Mask
However, - As Alice will tell you - What you see is not necessarily - What you get !

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Saturday, 3 December 2011

A Speed unnecessary

Prior to the National event that was to come, last Sunday saw news of the shock suicide of a popular sportsman. With his professional and personal life in positive order, no sign of scandal or financial concern, seen in conversation just hours earlier on TV, in good frame of mind, humour and considered thought on the subject matter, with no outward sign of any distress, the lack of reason behind the action was quite a sobering thought.
The death of a popular person who seems to have it all is surprising at the best of times, though when one is (seemingly) familiar with the persona and lifestyle of either public appearance or celebrity, it can really hit home.
To think, no, more to realise, that the outward appearances of an individual can be so misleading is a lesson for us all to be mindful of. None of us ever really know that which goes on “Behind Blue eyes” and to coin another phrase “the picture is not the story”. It seems to me a reminder for us all (to paraphrase) “Not to judge another until we have walked in their moccasins” and to take the time to see - not just look, to listen - not just hear and to learn, and not presume.
Though this ode is dedicated to the man, it is moreover the incident and circumstances that are generally all too common in our preconceptions of others. Only when it touches a familiarity does it become a stark wake-up call, and at that time, it is too late for to act. I feel more is required of us, to observe and to act –it used to be called care, not to take for granted those others who may well have inner demons that they hide with a facade of disguise. More importance should lie in the pro-active and not reactive and not let it be too late to respond when they do act. The capacity to do so is within us all
Gone from here before his time
Away from here with little pre-sign
Rest in a place which comfort brings
Your legacy there, still terraces sing
Speedo, you'll be remembered well
Professional, with no bad tales to tell
Eager, a positive drive you brought
Enthusiasm such a thing you taught
Drifted now unto another plain – though in the memory you will remain
- RIP Gary Speed

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