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The Man behind the Mask
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Sunday, 25 December 2011

An alternative Christmas thought

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine, a perception of family festive fun, of parties, of laughter and happiness all around us, sadly all too often it is not the case. For many it is a period of sadness, loneliness and great sorrow. Suicide rates are up, depression rises and it seems that only those with self-focused intent and attitude are able to be on the better side of average, with those of meek, mild and innocence temperament suffering some degree of misery.
From a Worldwide perspective, we are in trouble. Be it the financial market, global environmental issues, the lessening of moral standards along with the widening of the gap of social status, things don’t look too good.
With the New year of 2012 (a film that most have seen) approaching, many predict troubles aplenty and see us fated to suffer more than would be usually expected, whether it is minor hardship or perhaps far worse, some do question what we are due to expect, and any hope there is, would be that forlorn.
Melancholy can be so great that the feelings swell up and we are wrapped in a Black cocoon of doom filled thoughts.
For one who has been there in mind and spirit, I feel the slip into such an abyss can be easy. When standing on the precipice the balance can be precarious. Only then can those who empathise through personal experience, know these times when faced the ultimate dilemma, only they can say whose voice will be the stronger, the dark demons of darkness or the Grey Knights who stand in the shadows as guardians of protection and it is that; as the bard quote, “where lies the rub”. Those who fall into despair can be those whose life lacks the interaction of family and friends. One can soon become the person that many know of, but nobody knows (“Behind Blue Eyes” – indeed)
I am grateful to the intervention of an Angel, a young female of youthful years; who thrice pulled me back from the brink though unaware of such, and I have to believe in a brighter philosophy.
To accept an inevitability of defeatism invites much negativity and it is at this time more than ever, that our strength and conviction; though tested shows our true character. There is always hope, and such resolve will see us through many dark days. It is our capacity to adapt to adversity that allows our evolution, development and survival. I have a faith that sees me spend many times throughout the year to reflect, review what has been, is as is to be in order to embrace what is there as well as the norm. We need I feel, to appreciate and embrace the brighter things that are already to hand and what can be available for us to advance within and without of us – with positivity, drive and confidence the power we hold within us allow a great deal resolve to call upon and achieve so much

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