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The Man behind the Mask
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Friday, 23 September 2011

MABON 2011

Another festival is upon us, with the autumn equinox arriving to draw in the nights, when the planet obtains a near balance of day and night, of lightness and the dark in equal measure. It is another time of reflecting back and planning forward, finishing projects, planting the seeds for new enterprises – as ever, the world turns.
I allow myself escape from the day’s conventional acceptability and at one with myself in mental as well as physical being. As I set myself for a period of evaluation, I settle into a mode of ease that, whilst meaning the housework, organisation of utility and other administrative records are left uncompleted, it allows clarity of soul/sole satisfaction.
Dear Persephone comes to mind when the legend of myth is recalled, due to the consequence of action forced on Demeter by the deceit of Hades; inadvertently causing the wheel of seasonal cycle to turn. It is a reminder that there are consequences to any actions, and the gifts that are offered to us are not always fruit witch refreshes, they can be a vessels of brewed deceit.
With the warmth of season passing into the cool before the cold, I set out my table draped in appropriate cover of respect along with tools of due regard. I light the candles of Gold and Brown colour, put into position autumnal leaves and items of opposite attraction. Added to this I place the fruit of apple along with vegetable squash of past beside the various seeds and grape of future, acknowledging the passing of the moment and the hope of tomorrows glory. Then there are the practical tools of usage, from the scythe to the trowel all are relevant to the concept of the day. Finally, I position the vine of grape and grain of sustenance to partake with due reverence and with careful adornment; for the hospitality of others, if appropriate, is key for the sharing of experience, and if not, then the facet of OCD becomes evident.
The Harvest moon shines down its Luna light of Moonbeam, and I can’t help feeling awe and aura of fulfilment. The solitude of solace allows an attuning of connection. As I prepare for the ritual of thanksgiving, I sit in quiet contemplation. The last period has seen good times, bad times, incidents and events, though despite the foreboding of realisation, along with the lack of expected progress and comfort, the fact is, I have to consider myself fortunate to be able to retain my conviction of conscience within an increasingly sceptical world. As time passes there is greater self- appreciation of days gone by, whether in this or the shadow world witch I find myself in.
Honouring both the darkness and light is required as one acknowledges the importance of natures balance. It is methinks, more relevant in these days of 24/7 commercialisation and greed to be mindful and show due relevance to lore –for I do believe that our future has to be based on a foundation of remembrance of days gone before, both for kin, community and indeed the self.
And so I embrace in the moonlight ritual of celebration and respectful acknowledgement of the twilight moment. Whilst the accompaniment of others would be a welcome change – maybe a past sin is to bemoan the lack of?
No need methinks, to go into the explanatory details of ritual – for they are of personal reverence and only I feel be appreciated by those with a genuine interest of tenet – those willing to learn can/will make their own enquiries through appropriate channels – for one can always ask

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