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The Man behind the Mask
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I think of myself as a Hippie, your opinion is noted for sure. I’m not lazy or dirty or weird, + I know not if there is a cure. I live my life as I do wish to, you may not be my number 1 fan. But I have my beliefs and my feelings, allow me them if you so can. Peace Justice + freedom are uppermost, in the mental list I have in my head.I am not for oppression + violence, my opinion, I feel, must be said. Don’t mock as I sit with my flowers, cut out all those jibes at my dress. Don’t treat me with contempt + with fury, it’s the World that is sat in a mess. I know I annoy you with questions, I know that you wish me away. But I’m here to stay + I promise, if you listen then you’ll realise one day. I am not full of hot air + rubbish, there are remedies that can be found. But we must work together, as comrades + work out the ideas that are sound. If you don’t + you shun me forever, don’t take in the things that I say. I’ll sympathise + continue to irritate, + always I'll remain so this way.

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My Girls
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Monday, 26 September 2011

(US) BLOG (2 of 7)

My second entry, made on a day when I return to work from a weekend of relaxation, contemplation and relief, it sees a degree of reluctance to adhere to the requirements of the day – for who likes a Monday morning, and go back to work where the appreciation for contributory endeavour is in short supply? And more to the point who wants to talk about it? For unless it is filled with a spectrum of creative content that rewards, there is much of a muchness about any job. In my position and role there is I fear, too much contradictory discretion and direction around to feel any kind of value for ones efforts
MON: 19/09/11: Monday moaning:
The Six o’clock alas did ring, I “woke up, got out of bed, I dragged a comb across my head” - as I guess we all do, unless it’s the weekend of course when the mop upon one’s head flows in more of a natural abandonment of flow – just me then? With little time prior to the commencement of my employment of necessity, I partook of a brief breakfast and then was off the local shops to purchase the fresh produce needed to watch my figure – watching it is one thing keeping it trim is another. As the years pass and the arthritis increases, the physical exertion is restrictive and takes its toll on the body once firm and streamlined – it happens I’m afraid to us all.
After changing into appropriate attire I take the short car drive to work and therein perform the duties of the day. Well enough of that, work is work and I’m out of there now
On completion of such, I arrived back at home in the darkness of night ass autumnal nights draw in, and which doesn’t really inspire one to start projects of physical production – I just don’t like this week’s shift hours, whilst there is still time to relax yes, but for housework attention? It is a drag when there is only myself to stir into action – roll on the week end.
Daughter number two (of two) however, fresh from her camp counselling duty in Minneapolis USA, stayed with me last night, and during the day as I worked, so did she, and I came home to a nice clean house with dinner prepared within the fridge that just needed a warming up. Leaving me a missive of information to read (to show she had her eye on me and) of her next expected visit. I stripped off my dress of the day into the comfort of t-shirt and shorts and to unwind with my cup of tea, I clicked on U-Tube for a background of melody, and noted my muse of log on the site of hip, before embracing the fantasy of the Inter-web, I do think that such fancy is needed to rid one’s thoughts of the days mundane. And so finally, I’m off to the land of slumber and to dream of better things

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