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The Man behind the Mask
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My Girls
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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Linda has the Lynx effect

This week saw a reasonable time in work. There was a bit of an issue what looked to be an error of managerial directive, though when it was established; after a bit of “Billy investigates” and a short meeting to clarify matters, all was cleared up – with further meetings set up in order to avoid any confusion in the future. Not so much a victory, more of an understanding.
Back at home, after settling in for comfort and ease, an evening’s phone call advised me of an impending visitation of one daughter and two friends who would be availing themselves of a chill out zone; or otherwise known as my parlour. An eta was given of 01:15, hmm, yes I’m sure.
As I was a sleeping I was awoken by the slamming of the door (03:35 yep, more like it) Bless them for trying to keep quiet, but once stirred, one becomes aware – especially as the toilet is opposite my bedroom. After a brief rest, about Ninety minutes later, it was time to get off to work, after a shower, shave and dressing, I poked my head around the door to ask where my cuppa tea was (I had ordered such upon the phone notification) and sadly there was none; although there was an additional guest.
Time for payback methinks, for kids however old, are nevertheless still kids. There was still enough time for me to make a humorous observation; or is that moan of? And so I related to the group “Dad thinks”. The topic I chose today being the bemoaning of passing years.
I spoke of the TV advertisement that featured the sound of Stone Poneys Linda Ronstadt “travelling to the beat of a different drum” I pointed out to them how I recalled her at 21 years, slim, sweet sounding and of alluring attraction and a young boy’s desire.
I told them; just as a matter of interest, I looked her up on the Wiki site, and saw that she is now of pensionable age. Whilst it certainly no reflection on the lady; still fresh faced and melodic – it was a sobering and a bit of a depressing thought, that whilst one still feels young at and in heart, that the years passing so quickly and teen years will not come back. There is nothing like a reality check to put one in their place, and the mirror I have is not a pretty picture – I bade farewell confident in the knowledge that they were enthralled, either that or maybe I will get breakfast next time – lol
There’s nothing much more to report back on, except the contact made with interested parties in respect of my poetic and reflective writings of text and verse – which was encouraging and stimulating, an action for me to pursue for sure.
The end of this week was tinged with sadness, of a death in the vicinity. Maybe it’s me, but the demise of such touched me – more about that next week

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