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The Man behind the Mask
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My Girls
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Sunday, 9 October 2011

A Better Week

Overall, it was a good week. Having taken on board my suggestion of change within the workplace; by a management of somewhat curious strategy, I feel a good deal of creativity has been allowed to flow within me and a sense of satisfaction achieved. A lot has been achieved by enabling ownership of problems, concerns, anomalies and inconsistencies to be resolved by research / integration of IT and administrative systems by a most capable fellow (though to paraphrase Mandy Rice-Davies “I would say that though, wouldn’t I?).
It was going so well too. It looked like they had conceded to the fact that I might actually be correct with my analysis of service provision coupled with utilisation of people skills and indeed morale, however, the process seems to be have ‘loaded’, in that certain personnel were put in positional roles that did not suit their preference and not mine. I mean, if they were going to openly acknowledge and not ‘slip the rumour’ that the idea came from me, then I could have organised it in a more structured manner. Now, after only 5 days; of what I calculated to be a 6 week period of operation, the workforce has been asked for feedback on the process, typical! Now they have the opportunity to say we gave it a go and, people didn’t like it, so we won’t do it.
It does; I suppose, set a precedent. If new practices ‘introduced by management’ are not favoured by the staff, then it follows that reversal of such can also be auctioned, if not, then that makes it contradictory; unless of course the ‘Animal farm’ scenario is imposed (equal opportunities indeed!) Once again I feel the sword within my hand and will continue to argue my points, carrying on regardless – such is ‘the nature of the best’ (I think that’s the phrase).
On the brighter side, I had the pleasurable company of my youngest daughter for three days. On hand to make sure that I ate properly, paid heed to the housework and check that the washing machine was in good order! It’s always nice to have one’s children around (be even nicer if I could find the female soul-mate for more intimate liaison – ah well)
Solace is okay for the deliberation, refection and general thought process, but a loner alone can see one fall into a lifestyle of apathy.
I also spent time with my older daughter; who works far too hard for my liking - still, I can’t knock her conscientiousness. This was coupled with visits to my Granddaughter that brightened the days. Though recently unwell; a virus contracted as children do, even the ills were unable to dampen her enthusiasm – “happy is the sunshine that breaks through the gloom of a cloudy day”Be it children or Grand children, as ones sees them grow in age and mature into characters of their own individual definition, their sparkle can inspire, and indeed perpetuate one’s youth – well that is the plan.

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