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The Man behind the Mask
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Sunday, 1 January 2012

And so IT is a New Year

Whenever ones New Year is to the individual, a time which each of us can relate to, there lies the opportunity to make changes to habits, addictions and indeed lifestyles. Though my faith looks to February as the onset of the year and March is the Seasons start, the calendar looks at this day as the end/start of a period anew. Traditionally, it is a time to make of resolutions, to change, cut out vices, start regimes of diet and give fresh focus to the forthcoming time ahead.
I have plenty of times to do so as each of the eight Sabbats give an opportunity to do so, witch I would rather do than wait for an annual review.
It is therefore not so much a reflection over the past twelve months, but a more gradual and recently more intensively muse that I find I am entering a new phase of lifestyle.
It is a case of embracing solitude; not so much that it accepts an inevitability of defeatism, for my Arien persona could not allow that. It is moreover that I look to the persona of youth’s importance of values, and to embrace the living for and of the moment. Not so much selfishness but usage of self focus and self-responsibility.
This week I had the misfortune to lose the ability to surf upon the inter-waves – finding it to be of most inconvenience; especially at the time when communication is most relevant.
When one is left without the use of IT, whether it is due to virus contraction, power shut down of equipment breakdown, IT becomes evident how reliant we are of IT. The usage of communication WW, access to information and social enjoyment makes IT, habitual to some, addictive to others and in some cases even obsessive. IT seems that the attraction of the Goggle box has been replaced by the reliance of the interface of the PC.
Disassociation from the Interweb is not something that I would recommend however, IT is a tool of education and self-development and along with the capabilities that international understanding has to offer something we would be remiss to ignore.
Though I could have made use of the library or internet cafes that are to hand, I chose instead to take a break from the cyber world for a week; whilst going back to the basics may go against my policy of ‘tree watch’, the ideas of creative mind and returning to my minds experiences and imagination was certainly a throw-back Those days of mental analysis and theoretical muse often provides inspiration then, and indeed, now. When one combines the mental and methodical calculations that witch we have at our disposal, then the combination of IT and me, can be a myriad of expansive fantasy and adventure – ah the onset of the diary New Year, with all that I and IT provide can be if not spectacular then of quirky and slightly unnervingly mix and fun – It the kinda guy I am.

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