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The Man behind the Mask
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Friday, 24 February 2012

DEATH – is only the beginning: - REVIEW:

D can be a pleasant Death.
Despite the general perception of finality that the subject has, the positivity in witch the Pagan view death has a much better feel about it.
As far back as I can remember I have held the opinion that reincarnation has merit, the sense of shadow followers, the aspect of déjà vu and instinctive knowledge of things; particularly at a young age, of a curious and sometimes eerie experiences that I could not comprehend led me to believe that there was so much more to and outside of life. The cycle of life, death, and rebirth is I feel eternal - though maybe "not as we know it"
The body wastes in time and even when in the best of health we have to accept its loss. And so we may take respite in Summerland, before the aura and soul moves on, for it has too high a quality to disappear into obscurity
Death is a gateway through which we must all pass. Without it there could be no process of change; no death, no birth, and rebirth. Though the term ‘ghosts’, has an imagery of ‘spookiness’, the presence of spirits however, is much more different and; I feel has an alternative explanation.
Passing on, may be to a timescale particular to the individual which is why the respite and travel between plans vary, though ultimately we all move on.
Evolution comes from experience change and development. Our instinctive reasoning and has to come from somewhere and spirituality is as good an explanation as any.
For those who embrace the reality of 'shadow followers' there is the comfort of knowing one is never truly alone - though I guess some might call that schizophrenia(?)
The departure of loved ones is an obvious sad time. Their physical presence is missed, though Samhain gives the opportunity for us to remember those who have pass over and into that witch is beyond our comprehension and can help in and with the grieving process.
The remembrance of those dear their influence, assistance and even inspiration is a reverence I feel worthy, and gives the opportunity to recognise what we should have said and done – “too late the cry” when the ceremony of reverence is completed, the acknowledgement shows that they are not forgotten, and the process allows the parting of the waves with an ebb of serenity, methinks.
The Death card in Tarot; so often misrepresented as doom and destruction, gives an example of how the ending of one thing affords the opening of another. The discarding of that which weighs us down to give a refreshment of rejuvenation, and though it points to a lifestyle change I see how one can equate this with the transformation of the spirit, and the way it provides solace. For me, Death is not to feared, not a dread or a full stop, it is a comma (and I might say inconvenience) however, I have faith in the future that whatever that may be, it will be something.


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    1. Thanx - Always good to get feedback and comments - The beauty of the Interweb is that it affords the opportunity to communicate World Wide - Be Well and Smile :)