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The Man behind the Mask
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My Girls
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Sunday, 5 February 2012

And then there was Imbolc

This week saw the Pagan festival of Imbolc; the celebration of St. Brigid. It marks the dawning and awaking of 'Spring' to the World. Lying halfway between the two Equinoxes, traditions vary one depicting girls and young, unmarried, women of the household or village creating corn dollies, dress with ribbons and baubles that are laid in a bed. Visited by the young men of locale, who: after asking permission to enter receive and treat the dollies with due and appropriate respect. Another sees Brigid walks the earth on Imbolc eve, passing on her gift and sacred blessing to those members of the household who leave items for to bless - and there are more.
Once again, it is a time of reflection, refreshment and rejuvenation – which once more I indulge within.
On the eve and day of the event, I chose to spend an evening at a venue locale. I saw it late and made the instinctive decision to go. I don’t do social events often – there never seems to be the opportunity – or is that excuse (?)
As with most things in my life, the subconscious and ‘off the wall’ decisions can often be those which provide the most favourable results.
T’was an evening of poetry, prose, sing, playing and other entertainment that took me back to the days of Beatnik, Hippie, Indie and raw truth. Welcoming, openness, honesty in an non-threatening and/or intimidating environment = “A splendid time for all”
Onto the next day when I met up again with a lady; of whom I had not seen for a few years, and an instant connection (or should that be re-connection?) saw a brief conversation and re-acquaintance last for a 6 hour period. Buoyed on with events of the night before, I feel comfortable to engage on a personal and what I hope was felt intimate connection of MBS.
With further dates planned, I wonder upon the future and how things can turn on the flick of a breeze. I guess time will tell.
Saturday saw a trip to Crewe to see some new accommodation that Mum was considering. I brave some dodgy weather though arrive, collect and travel to the complex. Once inside there are questions to be asked and feelings to be felt before a commitment is made. After due consideration, the practical issues are none that cannot be overcome and upon due muse the decision is that Mum is on the move. Naturally it will be a somewhat difficult time for her; as this lifestyle change will be the first without Dad at her side – though there will be plenty of support on hand. Time to rally the troops; make a date for an operation and in 4 weeks – “Tally Ho”!
The return home sees my way back a battling with worse weather conditions, and after negotiating 2 road traffic accidents and a 40 minute duration taking almost 2 hours. I apprise a worried Mum of my arrival and settle down for the night – Phew!

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