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The Man behind the Mask
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Friday, 3 February 2012


With the event of Imbolc this week, I chose C for Celebrations.
These dates pre-cede the modern day calendar, and are more aligned to seasonal change than commercial purpose, and is that witch I can equate with more acceptance – for it is more about should be enjoyment than expectancy; something that has I feel been lost – it is the message as well as the method.
Found on the Wheel of the Year, the dates these events of note flow with nature, and have more of an affinity with Mother Earth and her cycle of balance. With fixed and fluid dates that move with the solar influence, each of the festivals has their own special significance, though rather than demean their importance, in concisely terms: -
A brief view to note
IMBOLC - Stable date = 2nd February
The celebration of a returning of light, the Sun begins to radiate with warmer glow, and a fresh start / beginning to the year. My time of New Year, when resolutions begin and I gather my thoughts in preparation for March springs.
OSTRA - Shifting date = (March 20th – 23rd)
The time of Spring Equinox – An awakening and rejuvenation, when things begin to awake, bloom and the gears engage and into action I begin to make and initiative with purpose deeds anew. A period when the budding fertility can excite and delight
BELTANE - Stable date = 1st May
Known as a time of maypoles and merriment, it is a beginning of a period of celebration for sacred unions to receive blessings of divinity. The bloom of floral display exhibits a delightful gift to share with one’s partner of choice or indeed deity.
LITHA - Shifting date = (June 23rd – June 23rd)
The celebration of Summer solstice – it is the longest day and shortest night. We work hard in preparation for days ahead, spending a full day of toil to endure but upon completion, it is one of gratifying satisfaction.
LUGHNASDH (LAMMAS) - Stable date = 31st/July-31st August
Celebrating the first harvest, we reap the benefit of what was sown and enjoy the fruit of berry and grain of bread for the first time.
MABON - Shifting date = (Septemberer21st – 23rd)
The Autumn Equinox – it is the second harvest festival and a time when the tasks we have set ourselves are coming to a conclusion.
SAMHAIN - Stable date = 31st October
The last harvest of the year – a time of sensitive shadow, the closet time for the world of living and dead to almost; and indeed sometimes touch - the renowned “Halloween” when respectful remembrance is given to those who have passed over.
YULE -Shifting date = (Dec 20th -23rd)
Celebration of Winter Solstice – The shortest day of the year (and longest night). The Earth lays in slumber and when we dwell in winter weather. It is a time when the surplus storage of energy and material are put to good use.
And so, to all of olde faith = Blessed be

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