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The Man behind the Mask
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I think of myself as a Hippie, your opinion is noted for sure. I’m not lazy or dirty or weird, + I know not if there is a cure. I live my life as I do wish to, you may not be my number 1 fan. But I have my beliefs and my feelings, allow me them if you so can. Peace Justice + freedom are uppermost, in the mental list I have in my head.I am not for oppression + violence, my opinion, I feel, must be said. Don’t mock as I sit with my flowers, cut out all those jibes at my dress. Don’t treat me with contempt + with fury, it’s the World that is sat in a mess. I know I annoy you with questions, I know that you wish me away. But I’m here to stay + I promise, if you listen then you’ll realise one day. I am not full of hot air + rubbish, there are remedies that can be found. But we must work together, as comrades + work out the ideas that are sound. If you don’t + you shun me forever, don’t take in the things that I say. I’ll sympathise + continue to irritate, + always I'll remain so this way.

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My Girls
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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Cold Start - Mystical end

Days of winter weather, cold snaps and slow starts; though I suppose it gets the heart moving when one runs around like a lunatic, in an effort to keep warm, February is still brisk and bracing, so I guess we’ll all have to bear with it.
This week saw the departure of a colleague of sparky personality, and popularity, a beano of departing farewell was being arranged, although invitation to specific attendance was lacking – I get the hint. I was however grateful to the genuine enquiry and concern of her friend, she of more acquired though worthwhile investment. Though it would have been nice to feel included in the group, I wouldn’t have been able to attend, but as the saying goes “it’s the thought that counts” I guess it balances itself out = waves that is.
Saturday sees a trip to Crewe and a sorting out of items to keep, sling and give away. It is far harder when the material required for release is that not of one’s own, and with ‘a lifetime collection’ to sort out nostalgia so personal to her makes it a sensitive matter, that really only she can deal with; indeed it would be heartless to be clinical. Nevertheless, with my sister to assist, we make good progress and downsize to a certain level – even though there is much a fair bit to go (there goes another of my sighs - bless)
Although the forthcoming Tuesday, will no doubt see plenty of hearts and flowers making their annual appearance, the lack of a partner of emotionally physical connection sees a degree of sighing and disappointment - still, such unity does not rely on the time of the year and who is to say that witch lies around the corner. I have at least got a trip to the Mind, Body and Spirit festival in the near locale that will allow me to embrace the aura of mystical and magical ambience – and therein lies hope.
Sunday arrives and I make the trip in the company of a lady recently re-united in familiarity and we embrace the event will openness and receptiveness. Regression, tools for life, Meeting Spirit guides, How to love properly and the Laws of attraction –“all about love” being sessions of particular interest.
Having attending the five workshops and several stalls we purchased a few items of note. My friend took advantage of one of the advisory sessions whilst I was looking to arrange a break of April retreat. Whilst my enquiry was positive, hers was more sobering, for the answers to certain questions brought back responses of stark and sobering significance. As I told her however, enlightenment is always helpful to the armoury in the battles we face at this moment and in the times ahead – something I firmly believe in – time I guess, will tell.With a further liaison planned for next week; whilst ‘the car gets sorted’! Maybe there will be cheerier news and tales to tell – we shall see

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