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The Man behind the Mask
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My Girls
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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Back to work 2K12

Monday, and I am slightly disappointed to come back from the library bookless. The tone I had ordered of Wiccan content had still not arrived. I have not been there for a while and found; perhaps unsurprisingly, IT had made its way there too, still, there has to be a place for books to remain surely? The other thing I found out was the reduction of opening hours, due to Public spending cuts and less usage, I guess we should all be aware and remember to “use it or lose it”
Following a respite of leave, I prepare for the day – can’t put it off any longer, and for the first time this year, I return to work.
The new haircut seems to go down well with positive comments coming from two of the younger girls within the office – which is nice, although comment from a male supervisor of “you look almost smart today Billy ... almost” brings me back down to earth.
The negative email that greets me (et al) regarding the latest proposal for financial and job cuts to the workforce, sees disappointment, although there seems a general acceptance of and generally felt belief of mis-managerial practices, there remains a degree of solidarity remaining – things have to get better sometime – just not today.
I ease back into work with a familiar un-expectancy, though maybe it is because I had detached myself so fully whilst away from it, auto-pilot naturally kicks in and I am away, though it seems that a testing of the arms strength may be relevant
Gentle banter during the day sees one of the girls tagged with a new nickname, thanks to olde British TV, and Lady Emily (formerly Lady Penelope-Thunderbirds) is born.
A late night call (for her kit) sees a return to football activity of my younger daughter, which stimulates my itchy feet, and I wonder if I follow suit and participate in the Unit football fun – hmm, Ill think on it over the weekend.
I look to update my Pagan Blog for the week with my choice of A is for Aries, though as I begin to look into my persona, I find that my normal target of 500 words will be far too short for to do it justice, so I move to another.
The 13th is day of notorious fortune. For me, it is a good one, and I purchase this week’s lottery numbers in the hope of financial reward (those fingers are crossed)
I do some Samaritan work, as I assist a neighbour (of sight not knowing) with use of some de-icer; for it is a cold start to the day.
Nevertheless, it is an enjoyable end to the 4 day week, as the teamwork, camaraderie and spirit see humour and work wind down for a good weekend – one can hope.
I post my Blog for Pagan with my A subject being Afterlife (see related post) and I guess I must look into the B’s for my next topic.

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