The Man behind the Mask

The Man behind the Mask
However, - As Alice will tell you - What you see is not necessarily - What you get !

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I think of myself as a Hippie, your opinion is noted for sure. I’m not lazy or dirty or weird, + I know not if there is a cure. I live my life as I do wish to, you may not be my number 1 fan. But I have my beliefs and my feelings, allow me them if you so can. Peace Justice + freedom are uppermost, in the mental list I have in my head.I am not for oppression + violence, my opinion, I feel, must be said. Don’t mock as I sit with my flowers, cut out all those jibes at my dress. Don’t treat me with contempt + with fury, it’s the World that is sat in a mess. I know I annoy you with questions, I know that you wish me away. But I’m here to stay + I promise, if you listen then you’ll realise one day. I am not full of hot air + rubbish, there are remedies that can be found. But we must work together, as comrades + work out the ideas that are sound. If you don’t + you shun me forever, don’t take in the things that I say. I’ll sympathise + continue to irritate, + always I'll remain so this way.

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Friday, 9 March 2012


Evolution = an everturning cycle Evolution = the solution
In life, in order for us to evolve we need to develop both as individuals and as a society.
Far too often however, there seems a reluctance to do so. Many people get stuck in their ways, content to be comfortable in the status they find themselves in.
For me however, I am a great believer in the expansion of the self initially, before moving the mindset of the masses, "for each journey begins with the first small step" and ones ego of persona attuned to such a goal is the basis of longevity to the cause. "The greatest love of all'? Well at least a beginning of understanding I feel.
I believe that change is integral if not essential for us all to aspire to achieve - 'as we drive along our pathways of life, to travel
"Round, like a circle in a spiral
Like a wheel within a wheel.
Never ending or beginning,
On an ever spinning wheel
'In the Windmills of your Mind'
(courtesy of Alan Bergman/Marilyn Bergman/Michel Legrand)
To this end one must, I feel, be mindful of the usefulness of both past times and future opportunities In order for us to move onwards and upwards.
Ye Olde ways have such purity which still ring true today, and change for change sake can be counter productive.
It would be unwise not to take note of former times, either that which we have personal experience of, or that which our forebears have to teach us. Learning from our our elders can not be discounted out of hand, for age alone is not a reason to ignore, for the quality of wisdom is timeless.
Likewise, it is i feel important to embrace a credo of encouragement for fresh and creative ideas in order for us to advance and dare I say it? We all have a responsibility to do so in order for us to do so .
We must I feel, continue to aspire for improvement both in ecological respect and intellectual understanding.
As individuals we can all play our part in the the embracement of this philosophy by the masses in unison
Enlightenment can come to us whether though our own experience or through others, the lessons learnt can be down to a sense of pride. whether upon going through the process ourselves, or seeing it from other perspective.
In the end however, upon due consideration and respectful appreciation, the way has to be forward, and with passionate intent always to strive for better times, days and adventures anew.
Maybe not an obvious choice of Paganism connection, though the way I see it, the principles of what was, is to be and what was originally, albeit in a different dimensional plane is a philosophy like the wheel of the year that eternally turns - as do windmills


  1. A very well-written post. I read and liked the post and have also bookmarked you. All the best for future endeavors
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    1. Thank you for your comments - Always welcome :)