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The Man behind the Mask
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Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Manchester Monkee Passes on

This week saw Saint David remembered for those of Welsh descent, ancestry and locale. As ‘Mum’s side comes from a Davies surname I suppose I can claim part heritage; especially as Granddad was a miner from the valleys. So as one whose roots come from the land of Llewellyn, I do feel an affinity and calling. Maybe it’s the ‘Tom Jones’ in me? Perhaps the retreat where Romans feared to go aligns itself to my Pagan roots? More likely it is being drawn to something more inner? Witch ever that be it is nice to feel “there will be a welcome in the hillside” should I feel the need to chose to venture.
Just as Saint David was rising, on the extra day of the year that occurs per four years, I heard of poignant news coming from over the pond. On a day witch I feel could be noted as a time when something significant could/should be done to mark it special – I was brought somewhat down to Earth.
I learnt of the passing on and over of Davy Jones = the Monkee from Manchester. More of an entertainer than a musician perhaps, nevertheless, in an era of freshness, he epitomised the youthful exuberance of the day.
From a background of acting on stage and in the new fangled media of television, a figure easily recognised probably because of this. It was when he moved to the U.S. to take up the role of baby facedlead as a Monkee, where he exhibited a fun, loving, innocence though not naïve persona of charm that his popularity really rose. He enthused in this and other roles that he took on and - all this from a kid from my home town – it’s nice to see a local lad done good.
I recall seeing them in concert at the MEN Arena. With all four original members in attendance, it was a thoroughly good night of humour, enjoyment and it has to be said, good songs and music with a TV backdrop of the day and of appropriate relevance, audience participation was in full swing.
Once more I feel the age of my day as another of my days is no longer with us, sad, although I guess, when (or if?) I get there, a party of swinging fun will greet my arrival – one can hope to dream. Anywho, I post my respect upon the book of face, with firstly a “Daydream Believer”; for isn’t that what all youth of the day were and (hopefully still) are? Before; what I feel is a more apt tribute of “Shades of Grey”
Also, I muse upon volunteering for a position of Union representation - a lead in Equalities. In an attempt to ‘fightfor the cause’, I wonder if it is better to be within a structured body that are bound to adherence to structured procedures – or to continue to be the wild card of unpredictability – what would, Obi wan Kenobi do I wonder?

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