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The Man behind the Mask
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Friday, 30 March 2012

GLASTONBURY (More than a feeling): - REVIEW

My (first) G is a review of time spent in the serene surroundings of Glastonbury
Having completed a 14,00 word mini-log of 5ive days in the area - which I feel is for 'another day this piece is meant more as a note of muse than comprehensive story/tale of the moments therein.
Upon my recent visits to the village, I have found a feeling a freshness of spirit, one witch is to specific to the individual.
And so I make note, - a personal experience:-
A town square with few streets leading from it. Parades and hidden area of quirkiness of witch there are many. The wares of magical properties, be they medicinal, tools of rune, spell of mystical composition, crystal influence or books of legendary explanation, there is something for all to find and attraction to and that one can attune to. I find that if one can feel without the constraint of society norm, then there are opportunities for the education of lore, unification with those "strangers / friends yet to meet" and an inner contentment that can satisfy and fulfil the needs of the soul.
Though the houses there be in the locale, far outnumber the shops, stores, stalls, attractions, including the cosmopolitan street entertainers, there is; I feel, a degree of quality that provides a sense of awe within those of faith.
The wells of White and Red Springs, the World peace garden of Chalice, the Holy Thorn, the Abbey of pilgrimage, the legend of Arthurian past, of Avalon, the landscape of zodiac landscape, the lands, the fields and countryside and of course, the most prominent feature of all is the Tor. Iconic and timeless, the remnants of St. Micheal's Church stands upon much more ancient and mythical sites, the tower is a grand overseer of ages past, present and future, events that were, are and have yet to be. An ascent that although not easy, is well worth it, for the panoramic views are really awe some. Within the area atop there is a sense of aura that if embraced with openness exudes something that is personal and once experienced is never forgotten.
Each of us have an inner sense of feeling, of witch we hold our own conviction of conscience = and for me, it is, "More than a feeling"
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  1. I was there - I really wanted to hike to the top of the Tor - but no time. Did all the other places you mentioned. The place has "more than a feeling." It is a place with a lot of WOW going on.

  2. Thanx for your posting - The village is I feel special for those who attune themselves in and is a good place to retreat to.
    As for the Tor, it has extremely good views from its summit, BUT the climb can take it out on me (and it is windy)
    Though you have not had the opportunity to get there(yet) you could check out:-
    As well as some info, at the bottom of the page there is a function that allows a 360 degree viewing (not as good as the real thing but!!)
    I also have some (albeit not great) pics on my FB Photos - FYI - Enjoy